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Welcome to our Whoosh blogs

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Finally a place for honest fitness blog content

We know that sometimes it can be hard to find real honest articles to read and fresh recipe inspiration.  We want to make your life easier.  You will find all our fitness, wellbeing and food blogs all in one place.  Welcome to our all new Whoosh Blog space.  

Celebrating all health and wellbeing is at the core of who we are and why we do what we do.  We maybe personal trainers, but we also believe we are motivators.  Motivators that help people stay focused and on track through their ongoing and very personal journey.  So when it comes to our content this is what you can expect from our blogs.


  • Our Whoosh quick workouts
  • Learn how to exercise anywhere, anytime
  • Follow us on our exciting fiction travels


  • How to better live your life
  • Learn how to love who you see in the mirror
  • What makes us tick and how to use it to your advantage


  • Fresh healthy recipes
  • Quick and simple to create at home
  • Flavour packed food!

Where you can find our updates

You can find all of our updates by following us on all the usual social streams.  From facebook, instagram to twitter we have a way that you can stay in contact with all things Whoosh.  So don't waste time seeking out advice from hundreds of different websites.  You can have confidence in the Whoosh content that we will stand behind what we publish.  We won't speak any dirt or crap on anyone.  Our blog space is uplifting, real and inspirational.  All the things you need to keep focused and on track for the bigger picture of your journey.  

What will you see?

We'll give you product reviews on new fitness crazes and try out new diets's and fad diets.  We will show you how to live a well balanced life by being consistent and enjoying who you are!  

It's all about you enjoying and living the best life possible. So we welcome you to follow us and keep up to date!  Because at the end of the day there is only one you, and that's all you need!

Team Whoosh 🙂