Park Bench Workout Ideas

exercises and tips

Park Bench Exercise Tips

Looking to tone up, lose weight and feel great? You might be surprised at how awesome a park bench can be to help you achieve your fitness goals. That's right the humble park bench will allow you to target all areas of your body.

If you're ready to see how you can utilise a park bench to your advantage then read on! We're about to give you our best exercises that you can do to target your fitness goals.

Park bench pushups

#1 Pushups

Perfect for toning your chest and arms a bench pushup is also great for people at different levels of fitness. Use the back of the bench if you're a beginner, the lower bench for intermediate or advanced. Keep your hands your body width apart and aim to lower your chest down until you are just touching the bench. Aim for a controlled movement of 2 seconds down and 2 seconds up.

exercises and tips

#2 Bench Jumps

If you're feeling more adventurous then bench jumps could be just the thing for you! Focusing on your legs and butt, this jumping motion will not only tone but will also help increase your heart rate and calorie burn. Ensure your concentrating when doing this exercise, the last thing anyone enjoys is banging their shin against the bench from a stumble.

don't get dirty

#3 Bench Planks

A lot of people hate exercising on grass without a mat. A park bench makes the perfect item where you can still plank and not get grassy or dirty. Plank either fully on the bench as the advanced move or to make a plank slightly easier keep your feet on the ground and place your forearms onto the seat and hold with a nice straight and aligned back. Hold for as long as possible. 


#4 Bench Step Ups

Cardio and toning all in one. If you're after a great leg based exercise this one is for you. Alternate you legs by stepping up and swapping your starting foot. At the top of the movement raise your knee up high towards the chest which will also help to engage your abs. Do sets of these timed or in set quantities and feel your heart rate increase as you move.

Exercise outdoors

#5 Bench Tricep Dips

Target your arms and shoulders in this move that will get them burning before you know it. The straighter you extend your legs the harder the exercise will become. Beginners should start with feet fully flat on the ground with knees bent. Use legs to slightly assist in helping you maintain your body weight through the move. Hands should be placed approx a hip distance apart. 

Using a bench to incorporate new and different exercises will keep you feeling motivated and reduce any boredom you may experience with the same ol same ol workouts. Get creative and use your body to move more, shake things up, push its limits and get results faster. 

Slipping in a bench workout in the middle of a run or walk can help to increase your heart rate, increase calorie burn calories, fuse in weight baring and toning opportunities for your body and leave your body getting stronger.

If you have any bench exercises that you love let us know. And as always, until next time stay motivated, be inspired and always be inspirational!


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