Stop destroying your personal fitness revolution

5 Everyday things that are destroying you from starting your personal fitness revolution.

Stop Destroying Your Personal Fitness Revolution!

Complete beginner to fitness? Or even a well seasoned mover but you’ve hit a block? What's a blocker? They are things in life that destroy you from starting or re-starting your personal fitness revolution. If this sounds like you then keep reading! We’re going to cut straight to the guts of it with 5 everyday things that you’re doing which are self sabotaging to getting started. We've also provided you with the fixes!

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You’re Not Alone!

At some point in time we’ve all been here, regardless of how fit we look or how consistent we seem to be. Personally I can own being in this space too (especially more over the past few months than I would like to admit). But here we are! If you’re a total beginner to the fitness world I understand how you’re probably feeling. Most likely anxious, unsure, scared, nervous, overwhelmed, unhappy, lacking in confidence (and the list could go on). Hey, even if you’re a more seasoned fitness focused person some of these things may still apply to you. 

How do we solve the problem and all the anxiety we may have when it comes to fitness? I’ve compiled a list of 5 everyday things that are destroying you from starting your fitness revolution and how to overcome them. Feeling ready? I’ll be super honest with you and provide you the added confidence so you can do this! You don’t even need to be experienced in the fitness world to revolutionise your own life.

Personal Fitness Revolution everyday

[1] Technology 

If you’ve got time to sit and watch TV/Netflix/Stan or any of the other streaming services you’ve got time to start exercising. I told you I was going to be honest. How many hours/minutes a day are spending on social media looking at your phone. Add it up across a day and guaranteed you’ll have time to fit in a workout (even just a walk).

The fix - 

Love your TV that much that you just can’t give it up? (I get it, I’m a sucker for a bit of Below Deck Sailing or Housewives of wherever too). Start using the ad breaks more effectively. Have your workout gear on and every ad break have a planned simple exercise day by day. Monday might be squats, Tuesday Tricep dips etc and every time the ads come on spend that time doing your agreed exercise. A ‘true’ lounge room workout!

Personal Fitness Revolution Everyday

[2] Your Pantry Is Against Your Personal Fitness Revolution

Is all the crap ready to jump out and attack you? That little hidden chocolate, the small bags of chips (set aside for the kids) that you sneakily eat every now and then. Biscuits, crackers.. you get the drift. Is the ice cream lurking in the freezer behind you calling out your name?

The fix - 

Get rid of the crap. You’re making it harder for yourself to get started. Thoroughly go on a good pantry hunt of everything that is processed, high calorie and sneaky [go to’s] for potential guilt eating. Cleansing your cupboards is a huge step in making massive head waves to your personal revolution!

quit the car to get better fitness results

[3] Your Car

I can hear you saying it now, ‘oh god now he’s on to me about the car’. Think about it though, how many times have you used your car when it’s really not needed. Zipping around the corner to catch up with a friend, zipping down to corner store to pick up milk or bread. You need to think about your life as moments or potential pockets of movement. I know you can’t give up your car for everything. Although by walking an extra 1km a day instead of using your car collated over a week add up to big calorie burning. 

The fix - 

This is a simple fix. Where ever you can actively walk, ride a bike without needing a vehicle do that instead. 

fresh start with fitness

[4] You Have No Idea Where To Start

Guess what? None of us knew where to start on a personal fitness revolution but we just made the choice and got started. We all felt unsure, scared, anxious. When you start a new job or tried driving for the first time did you get nervous and have butterflies in your stomach? Exactly, we’ve all been there and all felt the same things. Most people in the fitness world are there to support you regardless of your level or expertise. How awesome is that! Check out our start up packages here!  Get Started

The fix - 

The key is to get started. Whether it’s at home, a gym or you get a PT to come to you directly there are plenty of options to help you get going. Heck even the knowledge at your fingertips digitally these days can help. The more you do it, the more you’ll feel comfortable and the more you’ll increase in confidence. If you still don’t know where to start - reach out to me!

your personal fitness revolution starts with you

[5] You - Yep You Personally!

Are you your worst enemy? Headspace can be a hard aspect to deal with which makes starting fitness a really hard task to over come. But you're also your biggest blocker by using those pesky excuses. You know all those ‘I have no time’, ‘but the kids keep me busy’, ‘my work commitments don’t give me enough time’. If fitness is a key to your new happiness than finding the time to eat well and exercise is the key to you feeling great. 

The fix - 

Cut the crap and find good mentors or role models that will help inspire and motivate you to be a healthier, happier you. As much as being 'you' can be the reason why you haven’t started yet, this could also be the biggest supporter of you reaching for the stars. Writing yourself a quick daily list of 3-5 things of daily love can help you get inspiration and motivation. If you’re still struggling on this ‘you’ thing then reach out! Let’s help you solve the problem together. 

The Wrap Up

These really are 5 everyday things that resonate with most people that stop them from winning. It’s not always easy but if you’re committed to ‘you’ you really can reach the finish line. Ensuring consistency and having great people in your circle that you can reach out to for advice will really help you to hit starting with a leap instead of a step. 

So if you’re wanting to get leaping and need help fill in your details below. My team or myself are excited to help you get started with your personal fitness revolution!

- Brenton | Founder Whoosh Fitness

Brenton Wells

Brenton is the founder of Whoosh Fitness. Feeling the fitness industry was daunting, unapproachable and scary for a large portion of the public it soon became his passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Giving people honest, zero crap info, flexibility, great value training was and still is his goal for all Aussies. 


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