Spring Clean Your Workout


Spring Clean Your Workout

Lacking inspiration and motivation? It might be time that you take a look at your current fitness program and give it a really good shake. It's the perfect time of year to spring clean your workout and get back that buzz back. You'll find great tips below on how to give your fitness program a killer spring clean and have you feeling great before you know it.

Have Fun While Working Out

What ever happened to whacking on your runners and actually just enjoying working out? It shouldn't feel like a drag! Put it this way, if you hit snooze 5 times before getting up, or feel resentment driving to then gym you are probably the key candidate for a little spring cleaning. It's time for a shake up to get back in the spirit of fun and fitness.

So how do you have fun while working out?

Have Fun
  • Get together with a friend. 2 is always better than 1
  • Make sure you have a laugh while training
  • Shake up your workout playlist
  • Buy yourself some new workout gear
  • Figure out what fitness makes you happy
  • Don't focus just on weight loss as your goal
Beach Stretching

Change Up Your Style

The quickest way to spring clean your fitness routine is just change it up. Sounds obvious doesn't it? However you'd be surprised at how many people just keep doing the same old program day in day out. Want to feel inspired? Well you can! Check out some different types of workouts that you could easily slot into your current routine to add some spice.

  • Take your workout outdoors - the weather is heating up so now is the perfect time to swap the indoors for some fresh air and sunshine. 
  • Pilates - Don't think that pilates can't be just as hard as your standard workout. You'll be surprised at how difficult and full body targeted this workout can be.
  • Group Class - Plenty of group class choices from online to in person and even outdoors. Friendly banter, well rounded planned sessions by personal trainers, laughs and good times from other clients.
  • Spin Class - It's an indoor bike that will get you sweating and burning calories. Do it right and you could burn up to 700 calories in 1 hour and also build killer strength!
  • Yoga - Take your stress levels down whilst also toning and getting a great workout. 
  • High Intensity Training - Pump up the energy, smash calories and been revved up for the whole day. High intensity training can keep you inspired, feeling great and delivering results.
  • Hire a Personal Trainer - One of the best ways to help you achieve your fitness results. They'll put together a program that suits you and your specific goals and help to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Swimming - Great for full body toning and great for people that require a low impact workout style. You'll even get a decent calorie burn whilst helping to increase your lung capacity that will help in other workouts. 
Good Food

Shake Up Your Food

Food makes up a portion of your spring clean. It may not be a part of your workout but it's still a huge key to achieving your results. Spicing up your food program will also have a positive impact on your motivation towards your training. When you feel great on the inside you'll feel great on the outside and you'll exude way more energy.

  • Drop the take away food - It's usually high in fat and calories. Although it may taste great at the time it'll leave you feeling heavy and tired more often than not.
  • Create a rainbow coloured plate - Add as many colours of vegetables to your plate. It'll help provide your body with the right nutrients and keep things interesting.
  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner - Fuelling your body throughout the day will keep you feeling satisfied and keep your mood on point.
  • Eat 2-3 pieces of fruit a day
  • Note your portion size - Most people eat too much, so being aware of the correct portion size will keep you feeling great.

Whilst you're spring cleaning your house it's the perfect time to spring clean your fitness too. You don't have to go crazy, this clean is more about helping you feel great, happy and inspired to keep moving more and having fun when you do train. Changing up your training can also assist in helping to take your fitness to the next level. Whether your focus is weight loss, strength, toning etc a change can be as great as a holiday. 

I love seeing my clients shake things up and seeing the motivation within them once they've made a change. So don't waste another day doing the same old boring workout program. If you're feeling blah spring clean it and take your life to the next level!

- Until next time - 

Be safe, be motivated and get inspired! 


Brenton Wells

Brenton is the founder of Whoosh Fitness. Feeling the fitness industry was daunting, unapproachable and scary for a large portion of the public it soon became his passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Giving people honest, zero crap info, flexibility, great value training was and still is his goal for all Aussies. 


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