Ginger Ale Soda – Home made

Simple and Easy - Home made Ginger Ale Soda

In the world of convenience, sometimes it's just far too easy to go and grab a bottle of soft drink or soda off the shelf of a supermarket.  But today we wanted to put to the test to see if we could make a Ginger Ale that's actually healthy, made at home using fresh ingredients.  To be able to help those people out that hate the plain taste of water was also on our minds. So say goodbye to all those chemical based flavour fillers and hello to healthy ways to change your life!

The result?  Well we think it's worked out pretty darn great.  Not only was it quick but it tastes awesome too!  Check on below for this quick and easy recipe that can flavour up your weekend, or allow you to enjoy an after work refreshing drink.  It's low in calories and by using fresh ginger as the base it's adding a packed loaded punch of healthy nutrients into your body too!

home made ginger ale soda


1  Cup of chopped fresh ginger

2  Cups of boiling water

1 /2 Tablespoon of honey

1 Bottle plain soda water or Sodastream sparkling water

How To

1.  Place chopped ginger into boiling water then bring to a simmer for 5-10mins.

2.  Strain ginger water into a glass or bottle.

3.  Add honey to the ginger water and dissolve.

4. Add 1 part ginger water to 3 parts soda/sparkling water.

5. Add a wedge of lime, mint for added flavour.

Drink and Enjoy!