Raving over Cauliflower rice

Raving over Cauliflower rice

Firstly the question we need to answer is why are we trying to replace rice for cauliflower rice?  Isn’t rice ok for you?  I mean, it’s not like its chocolate or ice-cream nor is it deep fried, so why are we trying to find an alternative to what seems to be not a bad food group to start with.

Well for me I was wanting to find an alternative to rice based on it’s caloric density.  I have been on a food change journey this year and have come to found that moving towards a plant based diet feels good for my body.  However, the big problem I’ve had is moving away from meat I’ve been replacing this with more carb sources.  For example pastas, rice, home made wraps etc.

Even though the calorie difference between a piece of 200g piece of meat and a 200g handful of pasta is similar, I found that it wasn’t directly working for my fitness journey.   I’m still wanting to lose some kg’s from around the waistline and have found the carb intake has kind of halted that progress.

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So where to from here?

For me personally I felt the need to find an alternative for these high carb based foods.  This is where cauliflower came into the mix to replace the rice bases of some of my meals.  But… did it taste just as good?  Was it easy to do?

The answer was a resounding YES! I was pleasantly surprised that I could enjoy something that gives the same texture as rice.  Cauliflowers are also full of great nutrients for your body so really it was a win win.

So if you’re on a weight loss journey I would HIGHLY recommend swapping out any of your heavy carb based foods for vegetable alternatives.  It’s quick and easy to prepare and with a huge proportion of less calories you are totally onto a winner!

How do you make it?

I know there is a lot of people out there thinking, great something else I have to make.  Where will I find the time? This is where you have a couple of options.  Obviously supermarkets are onto the fact that people are totally wanting this product.  If you are lacking in time then you can pick up a pre grated cauliflower from the produce dept of your supermarket.  However I like to buy the proper vegetable and prepare it myself so I know exactly in what condition the product is in.

Here comes the easy part!  Making it from scratch… Using 1 whole cauliflower it will only take about 5mins to make a huge bowl of cauliflower rice.  All you need to make your rice is:

1 x Whole fresh cauliflower

1 x Fry pan

1 x Large cheese grater

1 x Large Saucepan Lid

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How To Create it:

Step 1 : Grate the full cauliflower into small rice like pieces.

Step 2 : In a dry fry pan (ensure it’s dry otherwise your rice will end up soggy) Place your cauliflower evenly in the fry pan and place the saucepan lid over your cauliflower.

Step 3 : Every 30 secs just stir your rice around and in about 3 mins you will have cauliflower rice.

So there you have it, you can then easily add any of your favourite veg to create a stunning fried rice.  Or use this to replace the rice for a standard curry.  I can guarantee you that you won’t even notice the difference.  And if you have stubborn kids neither will they!

Our wrap up of this is that we are totally thumbs up for scrapping the rice for cauliflower!

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