Simple Quick Salad

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Get your tastebuds salivating

This looks great and tastes even better.  If you aren't a fan of salads it's time to change your tastebuds for the better.  Salads are low in calories so perfect for weight loss food options.  Adding your favourite portioned protein will have enjoying healthy food before you know it.

Being too busy to eat well is just an excuse, don't let yourself fall into this trap!  If you're motivated you can achieve anything.  

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What you need:

1 carrot

1-2 tomatoes

1 handfuls of lettuce

1/2 avocado 

salt and pepper to flavour

Honestly this recipe is as simple as cut, shred or rip everything up.  Throw into a bowl and you're ready to go.  Add your own choice of protein (no more than 200g) and you have yourself a super quick and healthy lunch or dinner tailored to the whole family. 

Nutritional Info

Calories 207 | Carbs 23g | Protein 3g | Fat 12g

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