Best Healthy Snacks for on the Go

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Best Healthy Snacks For On The Go

Do you struggle with preparing your snacks? Always grabbing for that 3pm sugar filled pick me up? Or do you just have no idea what is a good snack solution? Our quick snack tips below will help you sail past those horrid sweet cravings and leave you being healthier and enjoying more energy.

With information at the tips of our fingers you can be inundated with information that can just make your decisions even more confusing. It's time to get back to the simple life and reap the benefits of health snacks. 

Sweet and Enjoyable

Berry Heaven

Naturally sweet and super yummy berries are bountiful and easy to get your hands on. The choice is yours - strawberries, blueberries, raspberry or blackberries whichever you love the most enjoy them and you'll also be silently enjoying all the healthy nutrients that berries contain ! Super easy to pack in a little container you can pop them easily into any bag.

The next time you're at the supermarket make sure to pick up a couple of punnets to pop them in the fridge. Quick, easy and simple to grab and go... especially if you've sneakily slept in by accident!

Nutty Goodness


Nuts can sometimes get a bad wrap from a high calorie perspective, however by consuming a small handful of almonds can help you skip the sugar filled sweets.  Being packed full of vitamin E amongst others and helping to lower bad cholesterol, almonds are a great snack to get your insides feeling great.

On average most people only need approximately 10-15 almonds which can be easily packed in a zip lock bag or a little plastic container. Small enough to carry with you anywhere so when you get the munchies you'll be reaching for a healthy alternative. 

Apple A Day

Grab and Apple

If it's quick and easy you're looking for than an apple you can't go past. With so many varieties available that have different levels of natural sweetness you'll be onto a winner. Helping you get an all important serving of fruit into your daily diet, you'll also be enjoying the nutrient packed benefits too.

By helping to reduce free radicals, being rich in fiber, packed with nutrients and antioxidants what isn't there to love? Can that apple a day really keep the doctor away... well even if it doesn't go that far, it surely is a great snack that you can enjoy on the run.

Single Serve On The Go

Serving of Greek Yoghurt

What we love about greek yoghurt is that you can enjoy it as is or you can even top it with some yummy roasted granola or even some berries. Easily portioned into a container you can grab and go and eat it on the run anytime, anywhere. 

Packed full of calcium and also containing probiotics, which help support a healthy bacteria balance in the gut, eating greek yoghurt may be associated with lower blood pressure.

Home Made

Home Made Granola Bars

If made the right way Granola Bars can be a super source of fiber and protein which can help curb those super snack cravings. We would recommend that you take some prepping time and make a batch of these up so they are ready to grab and go when you're on the run. Making them at home ensures that you know exactly what goes into each bar. 

If you're going to purchase pre made granola bars you MUST make sure to check the nutrition guide. Some of these supermarket products can contain more sugar and calories than a chocolate bar. So it may take a few minutes to whip up a batch at home, but this will ensure they remain healthy and well portioned controlled. 

So yummy

Home Made Healthy Banana Muffins

Getting your at home cooking hat on will help you produce super yummy and healthy banana muffins. The best part is you can make a whole bunch and freeze the excess. When you're rushing out the door its easy to grab one, throw it in your bag and it will naturally defrost by time your mid morning or mid afternoon snack craving arrives. 

Enjoy your serving of fruit in a spiced up way that will also get added fiber into your body. Because bananas are naturally sweet you'll also be able to skip the added sugar in the recipe. Again helping to keep the snack calorie controlled but also quick and easy and totally guilt free!

Snacking can be and issue, but it also can be an enjoyable and guilt free part of your day. Take the time weekly to prepare what you're going to snack on. If you're time precious or hate cooking then go an easy alternative like the berry option. Keeping on top of healthy eating can be quite simple if you know what you should and shouldn't buy when zipping into a supermarket. 

If you're going to buy something pre-made be sure you learn how to read and understand the nutritional guide on the side of the product. This is where calories, sugar and salt can blow out if you're not careful. 

Being on the go and busy is normal for most people, but for those that are successful with living a healthy focused life they've found the right balance in knowing what is good for their bodies and isn't. Take the time to know what you enjoy and how you can go about packing that into quick and simple on the go snacks.

- Brenton Wells

Brenton Wells

Brenton is the founder of Whoosh Fitness. Feeling the fitness industry was daunting, unapproachable and scary for a large portion of the public it soon became his passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Giving people honest, zero crap info, flexibility, great value training was and still is his goal for all Aussies. 


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