Create Fitness Lifestyle

Create fitness lifestyle

Creating a Fitness Lifestyle

It's grey, wet, cold and miserable and you're wondering to yourself how do I positively create a fitness lifestyle. You've just come off the back of a beautiful summer and autumn of outdoor activities like walking, biking etc. Commuting to and from work you see those people out in the dark crappy weather still getting their fitness in. But how? How can people be so motivated and happy about working out in not so favourable conditions?

What do these people have in difference to me, you think to yourself. Creating a fitness lifestyle can be easier than you think, but you must put the work in (more on this later). For most people winter and weather can be the undoing of all their hard and good progress across the warmer months. There's no doubt the weather can play a massive factor in your levels of motivation and drive. How can you push that to one side to keep engaged and focused on your fitness outcomes?

They key here is to help you find your mojo to create fitness as a new lifestyle that you can harness the power of and move forth into winter with passion and drive.

Finding Your Mojo 

(The key to fitness lifestyle success)

When it comes to creating a new lifestyle for yourself it does come down to the choices you personally make. Being successful is just the outcome of knowing you've been consistent and focused.  We've gone ahead and done a bit of the hard work for you. We've created a list of things that we think are great at helping you create a fitness lifestyle in a positive manner that will lead you to winning. 

1. Why do you want to have a fitness based lifestyle?

Understanding your reason for why you want to live this lifestyle moving forward is really the crux of staying motivated. Is it because you feel good or losing weight is helping you feel more confident? It could be several things but finding out your 'why' is super important to you having consistency with your fitness and training.

2. Get your goals set and locked in

We harp on about goals a lot. But when you hear trainers bringing up goals with clients it's because your success rate increases when you have a goal you want to achieve. Keeping your mindset on task is always a great way to keep you motivated... even in winter!

3. Get your wardrobe sorted

Yes we are going to let you go shopping. How exciting 🙂 If you're going to train in winter then you need to be wearing the right clothes. Whether its compression tights, a double layer, hoodie or even a rain coat - being prepared will always have you walking out the door regardless of temp and weather. 

4. Build a positive fitness community around you

Having supporters in your corner cheering your successes will leave you feeling awesome. What happens when you're feeling awesome what happens? You keep going because you're feeling bloody great. Why would you stop? Your fitness community may be outside your standard groups of friends so always look beyond and connect.

5. Reward yourself along your journey

I want you to enjoy your new lifestyle and one of the best ways is to reward yourself. If it's shopping, massages, day spas, tennis, movies go spoil yourself when you stick to your program. There's nothing more enjoyable than being able to reward yourself for your hard efforts. Positive self reinforcement is key to loving your lifestyle.

6. Do the things you love and enjoy and try something new!

If running isn't your thing, then try cycling or walking the dog or a 30min body weight workout. What I'm getting at here is if you truely hate something you're never going to stick to the program. So try new things, change it up and get passionate about new aspects of training in your life. Be inspired by the new and grounded by the consistency!

Creating a fitness lifestyle doesn't just happen over night. Like anything it takes time and commitment to start implementing change in your life. However, if you're committed (which I'm sure you are) all you need to do is just start implementing one of the things above weekly. Once you've got all 6 rocking there is nothing to stop you. You'll be that person in the middle of winter going for a run and walk outside and you'll look back on this phase and think... it really wasn't that hard after all!

- Brenton

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Brenton is the founder of Whoosh Fitness which he launched in 2015.  Feeling the fitness industry was daunting, unapproachable and scary for a large portion of the public it soon became his passion to help all people, regardless of race, sexuality and fitness level understand the benefits of leading a healthy fitness balanced life. Giving people flexibility, great value and high quality sessions was key to delivering his vision of being fair to clients and his team of Whoosh personal trainers. To this day Brenton still leads a very active roll within Whoosh and is looking forward to the future of helping more people find a new found love for fitness and themselves.

Brenton Wells