Cute Doggo’s, Fitness and Mental Health

Can dog's really help with your mental health and fitness?

Stressed?  Over worked?  Overweight?  How do all these words make you feel and do they resonate with your current life?  What we are wanting to discuss today is dogs and do they have the power to help us live better lives?  We realise not everyone can be a dog loving person.  Even though our chat today is all about dogs, we do  believe most animals can have similar effects on humans. 

What is it about dogs that can help humans live a better well balanced, less stressed life?  I mean, they bark, howl, chew your shoes, pull food off the bench and more but yet as a human can you ever get a better best mate?  As much as dogs can have some frustrations nothing beats the companionship and love that a dog can gift into your life.  We also believe they can effect change for all the right reasons too. 

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Bastian is our Whoosh Doggo Mascot

Why are dog's good for your mental health?

Dog's can change your life in great ways.  But how can they specifically assist in your mental health and overall wellbeing?  Heaps of studies have been completed surrounding this exact topic. So we're going to share with you some of our top reasons why having a dog in the home can assist you living and feeling more calm throughout life.


Owning a dog will help you get out and about.  Along with this usually you will have good conversations with others whilst out walking your dog in the park or streets.  So for your mental wellbeing, being able to create connections with new people and have stimulating conversations outside of the work place can assist in your mental wellbeing. 


For people that suffer from Depression or Anxiety having a dog can really build positive vibes into your life.  Dog's need daily exercise which means you will also start enjoying a more active life which can assist in helping with your wellbeing.  Being able to look after your best mate also gives you purpose in your life and helps you feel valued and needed. 


Dogs have the power to assist anyone feeling lonely.  Just being able to stroke and pat a dog can help to reduce the feeling of begin lonely and aids in helping their owner feel more secure.  There's nothing better than a cuddle on the couch with your best 4 legged mate.

Great for your waistline

Dogs need exercise which means you will get more exercise, fresh air and quality time spent outdoors.  You may potentially even lose a few cm's from around your waist which will have you feeling better in your own skin.  Just taking your dog for a walk has the power to make you feel happier and more positive about you and your overall life.

We don't know about you, but we think the evidence is pretty strong as to why owning a dog can directly help you with your fitness and overall wellness in your life.  As you become older life really does change, and usually so does the stress levels.  Having the opportunity to enjoy the companionship of life with a dog will ensure you are more chilled out, less stressed and feeling good having your 4 legged bestie by your side through all the bad and all the good!  This is why at Whoosh our Group Training and Personal Training fitness sessions are all dog friendly.  We want people to feel able to combine their love of fitness with their best pals.  So get out there and get training!

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