December = Maintenance

Recognise the Hurdles of December

It's December again and here we are wanting to drop weight for the festive season.  Feeling good in ourselves for family catchups, beach holidays is what we all want.  How many of us will actually achieve dropping weight or increasing tone over this hugely social month?  It's easy to start off well and then you're hit with a last minute xmas party, social catch up, invitations for drinks with friends and all the other aspects of social December to combat with. 

So can you really achieve results in December or should you just be aiming to keep your current state of fitness maintained and then hit it hard in January?  Here's our thoughts below...

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Go For It

If you are in a current state of determination then GO FOR IT!  Who cares that it's December.  If you want to win at your personal goals then nothing needs to get in your way for achieving what's on your list.  This isn't us telling you not to be social however.  People in your life are important and you can't go sacrificing catching up with good friends just because you want to drop 200g more in weight.  You can still have a good time with the people that matter in your life and stay on track with your fitness goals also.  

Easily swayed into having too much of a good time?

Does this sound like you?  Are you that ultimate, yep I'll just go for 1 drink and end up still going after 12 potent cocktails?  Well if this is you, we are here to say it's ok and all is not lost.  If you have worked hard this year getting your fitness on track don't splurge so hard that you undo all your hard work!

You can still enjoy yourself and balance out your larger than social life by ensuring you are staying on track during the week and continuing to move more. December usually hits everyone's waistlines but keeping maintained is certainly achievable.  How do you ask?  Check out our quick little 'stay on track tips' for December below.

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Tips to a Healthy December

  • It's ok to say no.  You don't always have to have that extra drink or the extra snack.   Let your friends know how important it is that you maintain your fitness leading into the xmas period.
  • Catch up with friends over fitness rather then food and drinks.  Have a game of tennis, go for a walk or find a trail to go hiking.  Not only will you feel better but you'll be outside enjoying life!
  • Be the designated driver.  It's always a good way to be able to skip the drinks and the empty calories. 
  • Plan your other meals to ensure they are healthy which will help to balance out your social events.
  • Just enjoy a main meal and skip the snacks and entree.
  • Plan your weekly exercise sessions.  Planning out your routine will keep you on track with your fitness.
  • Have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink you consume.
  • Have a set time in which you need to leave your catch ups by.
  • Skip the sweets where possible.  If you don't need em, don't eat em!

It really is achievable to still continue to get results in December.  It comes down to, how hard are you willing to work to get your results and how mentally strong you are to help you stay on track.  Even if you have a little blow out here and there if you can just maintain in December you are doing great things. Believe in yourself and you will achieve it!

Stay Strong | Be Inspired | Never Give Up!

Brenton Wells

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