Don’t Blame Others

It's Your Game

Many times as fitness professionals we come across clients who like to play the blame game.   You know those excuses like, I just can't lose weight, my life is too busy, work is crazy, genetics.  Some clients even go as far to blame their fitness professional for the lack of results.  It can be frustrating as a client if you aren't getting the results you've been looking for or wanting.  However if you aren't achieving you need to look deeper at the reasons 'why'.  

Every client is different, which means not all client's can have the same training program.  Client's wanting weight loss will vary from those client's wanting to train for strength and gains.  The food prep is different, quantity of food is different and style of sessions and progressions will be different.  

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It's up to you

You play a huge part in the ultimate achievement of your goals.  Your attitude to training and consistency with your food go a long way in seeing results.   You must remember that most people will only spend 1-2% of their weekly time with a fitness professional.  What does this mean?  It means that you have 98-99% of the rest of your week to be sneaky.

You know those moments, a donut in the staff room, sneaky beer after work on a Friday and a skip of a workout because you feel tired.  All these choices and moments of weakness can totally derail your progress.  However a lot of people find it easier to blame their fitness professionals or use excuses for their lack of achievement. 

No one has ever said that losing weight is easy.  Everyone has a different journey and mental state when they start, so not every program will be the same.  Even results will vary largely because of this.  But the ultimate result really does come down to you and how consistent and applied you are to your cause. 

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How to achieve your goals

1 - Stop making Excuses.

2 - Be prepared with your food for the week.  Know what you're eating when.

3 - Don't skip your workouts.

4 - Remember results come down to the individual and the choices they make.

5 - Find someone to help you on your journey.

6 - Take responsibility for your actions. 

7 - Don't blame others for your non achievement.

If you're looking for results and you're committed you will achieve it!  The aim is to keep going.  If you fall off, jump straight back on.  Fitness professionals can help by keeping you motivated and asking you the hard questions to move results forward.  We can all be bad at times but it's how you rebound from this which is what will get your results.

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