Enjoy the benefits of a Mobile Personal Trainer – what makes it great?

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Why do we think a mobile personal trainer can help Aussies with their fitness goals?  It's not hard to see why Aussies are becoming more unhealthy and overweight.  For most, the use of technology has slowed our bodies of movement and merging that with the convenience of food and our lifestyles means we are also eating more unhealthily.  So how do we help to revert this huge problem that we have going on in our country at the moment?  If we don't stop to educated our young people, we are going to have some pretty big full speeding forward issues heading for our health care system.

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What challenges must you overcome?

You see, one of the big problems are when we gain weight we become naturally self conscious with how we look.  The problem with this is that by time we've figured out we aren't feeling great about ourselves it's usually too late.  The kilo's have been added and you're running super low on motivation and self worth.  Being in this mindset can cause an enormous amount of issues.  Whether they are mental or physical.   Both these problems make it much harder for people to start any fitness programs.  They feel they will be ridiculed based on their looks and how they are performing at the exercise component of their program, so then they choose to not start.

So how do we make people feel comfortable and motivated within themselves to create change within their own lives?  It's confronting starting a fitness program and even more confronting finding and hiring a personal trainer to assist with your journey.  Many people understand that they need this assistance but feel too self conscious to put this into action. 

This is where enjoying the benefits of a mobile personal trainer can really help people with their journeys. 

Our Top 5 Tips on why a mobile personal trainer works!

1 :  You can train in the privacy of your own home.

If you're feeling self conscious about your weight then having your trainer come straight to your home is a win win.  You don't have to join a gym and workout in front of other people.  You can lose weight, tone up and get fitter in the comfort of your own home.  That's right! Amazingly you can get awesome results without having to look inside a gym.

2 :  Save yourself time.

Don't waste your time getting to and from a set gym location.  Allow yourself to train where and when you want.  Whether it's at home, in a park, on your lunch break, at the beach or even at a hotel if you're travelling for business.  Having a trainer come to you means you can spend more time doing the important things in your life.  It's also awesome because you can continue to get your regular fitness sessions into your life. 

3 : Mobile PT's hold the same qualifications as those PT's in a gym.

That's right... whether you're looking at PT's in a gym or those that run a mobile business they have all received a certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.  If you're unsure ask your PT to provide these certificates as proof.  When booking a PT through Whoosh you will always have the confidence that our trainers are qualified to Australian standards.

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Training with others is great for motivation and making new long lasting friendships.  Try out a session now!

4 :  Enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

Enjoying fitness in the great outdoors is great for your soul.  You get to enjoy the beautiful fresh air and sunshine which also helps your Vitamin D intake.  There really is no need to deal with smelly sweaty gyms anymore to enjoy your workouts.

5 :  It's good on your hip pocket

Most gym PT's are required to pay high rentals to the gym's to utilise the space to train clients.  However, enjoying sessions from mobile PT's means because they don't carry the same overheads allows them to usually pass on those savings to you.  Not only do you save time in your life, can train where and when it suits you.  But you can also enjoy spending the extra cash on other things in your life.

These are our top reason why you can enjoy mobile personal training sessions where and when they suit you!

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