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Music and Exercise.  Smash your fitness goals.

Exercise and fitness trends are all very unique to each individual. Music however is the one thing that we are universally connected to.  Music absolutely has the power to bring together friends.   Not only that though, but it has the power to motivate and give you a good kick up the butt to get solidly into your workout.  I would go as far to say… music has the power to help you lose weight, improve strength, improve focus and keep you motivated.

Recovering from a big weekend can either make or break you.  At this point in time usually your motivation levels are low and more annoyingly your alarm starts buzzing to get you up for the day.  As if you are really wanting to get up to exercise though.  BUT, somehow you drag your sorry arse out of bed, whack on your workout clothes and get going.  You spend the first 5 minutes moping around deciding what exercise you’re going to attempt.  Then… from out of no where you notice your leg tapping and hips moving.  What’s going on?!? BOOM!  Where did that motivation just come from? Your top workout track just hit your headphones and now you’re all on!  It can really hit you that quickly.

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Music and Motivation

I have found (from my own experience) that music has the power to really transform who you are and help take you on a really special journey.  If someone was to open up my iTunes they would think wtf.  Seriously!  From pop, rock, classical, musicals, 90’s, dance – I seem to have the most random music list.  But music is a really personal entity.  It helps to shape who we are and remind us about the journey from which we have come.  To this very day I still remember the very first track that really got me into running.  Dare I tell you all what it was?  Ok, here it goes… a really amped version of Tattoo by Jordin Sparks.  A bit embarrassing to admit, but it’s what was always able to get my head into the space of ‘you CAN DO this’.

From here a good solid playlist was always in order and now thanks to all the music streaming channels we are blessed with millions of different playlists.  But for me that was it, music allowed me to push through any pain I was feeling, motivate me to get out of bed and always got me to the finish line with any set workout.  Without music I really don’t know what I would have done.

Music can help you through the pain

I started running when I was 100kg.  For a lot of people they don’t understand how people can enjoy running, however if it’s been an integral part of your journey of weight loss and general fitness then you will understand the power and enjoyment that running can have.  Completing my first full marathon was a massive task.  I was totally fine right up until the 40km mark.  With 2km to go I started cramping all through my legs and didn’t think I was going to be able to finish.  Somehow my music just knew from that moment I needed a special moment and song to help me push through to the finish line.

Kylie Minogue started belting out “all the lovers” through my headphones and I was set.  I didn’t care about the pain I was in, my mind took hold of the beat and the rest of my body had a refreshed feel about it.  This is the power music can truly have on you. So I guess you could say Kylie helped me finish that race that day… and that song will forever hold a place in my memory.

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Music can help with weight loss

Regardless of how much weight you’re wanting to lose, muscle you’re wanting to build music has the power to assist and motivate you to smash your fitness goals.  Either of these goals are super hard to achieve and require motivation and dedication to achieve the results you’re striving for.  Especially when training by yourself, music is key to helping you really strive for improvement in each session.  It can also help turn a frown upside down!  So don’t ever discount how powerful a great personal and inspiring  playlist can be for your motivation.

We’ve decided to share with you 5 tracks we are loving atm, some serious, some fun but all have their very specific place in our workout play lists.

These are our top 5 tracks that are headlining in our playlists atm:

  1. We Got Love – Jessica Mauboy : With Eurovision only days away this is a top track that we hope is going to take Australia to number 1 this year in the competition!
  2. Moving On Up – M People : Everyone loves a flash back from the past and this 90’s track always gets everyone smiling regardless of age!
  3. Flames – David Guetta & Sia : You can’t go past a good Sia track… not only is the original great, but there’s plenty of awesome remixes being released for a faster beat.
  4. IDGAF – Dua Lipa : Good beat and a good track with awesome meaningful lyrics.
  5. Levels – Avicii : A solid beat and a remembrance track for all the amazing tracks he brought to the world!

So there are our top 5 songs atm.  What songs are you loving during your workouts atm?  If it’s fresh and upcoming let us know the tunes so we can check them out.

Until our next article,

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