Fitness and Excuses just don’t go together

How to overcome excuses and stay on track with your fitness.

As a fitness motivator (aka personal trainer), there really isn’t any excuses that I haven’t heard before.  Excuses are they have the power to not just derail you for a day, but potentially days, weeks and sometimes months.  I get it, the fitness thing isn’t always enjoyable at the best of times.  Especially now that it’s becoming colder with winter and motivation levels tending to decrease over this cold period also.

What excuses are you using and how are you going to battle on and leave them in the past?  Are you willing to let go of all the positive changes you have made to just slip back into that mediocre version of yourself?  Below are some of the top excuses as to why clients ‘can’t do something’ or ‘cancelling a session’ last minute.  How you can overcome excuses to help keep your fitness and goals on track!  Check out our tips below.

5 of the MOST used excuses we hear as Personal Trainers

1 – I don’t have enough time.

We all live busy lives!  I totally understand the whole time factor stresses of life.  If you wanted to do train you would find the time.  I liken this to the coffee effect.  If you’re someone that enjoys a coffee to start the day (regardless if you’re running late for work) you will find the 5-10 minutes to squeeze in queuing for your fav coffee.  Workouts don’t have to take up hours on end whilst slaving away at the gym.  In fact you could spend 10minutes smashing out a High Intensity workout in the comfort of your own bedroom!  Did you know a 30min workout is just 2% of your day.

2 – I feel too tired to workout.

Here’s a newsflash for you… We all feel tired!   You need to look at the reasons why you’re feeling tired.  Are you getting enough sleep?  Are you eating a healthy diet? How are you fuelling your body?  Do you spend too much time on social media instead of sleeping?  If you can’t give each of these questions a definitive answer then it’s time to suck up some personal responsibility and get on board.  If you don’t you will continue to keep using excuses and floundering around and not really achieving anything.


3 – I can’t really see any results.

We all want to see quick results, but in reality fitness is a lot harder then it looks.  If you think you can drop 20kg in 4 weeks or build a 6pack in 4 weeks whilst having 20% body fat you’re probably setting yourself up for failure.  It’s very easy to ‘blame’ your personal trainer for why you haven’t achieved the results.  Unfortunately your PT can’t be with you every minute of the day, week, month or year.  You see them for such a small amount of time every week that it’s their job to help ensure you have a good balanced program and you are given the tools to be consistent to ensure your safety when working out.  Consistency in all aspects of health, wellness, training and food intake are vital.  So before blaming your PT, make sure you’re fully aware that achievement of goals fully lays with the client, your PT is there to help guide and provide knowledge and assistance.

4 – It’s too expensive.

Yep having a personal trainer isn’t always a cheap.  Plenty of options are available that are cost effective where you can still utilise the expertise of a personal trainer.  Group training is fun and motivational and must be run by a qualified fitness instructor.  You’re always allowed to ask a fitness professional for their qualifications before you commence training and ensure that you check that they have valid insurances and licenses.  Training with others is also fun and community driven.  I find there is always good laughs to be had and little personal battles between clients that take place (all in good fun of course).  But if you really can’t afford a PT or group training, then guess what… running and walking is free.  There are plenty of options out there that cost you absolutely nothing that will still provide a great workout.

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5 – I’m too old / embarrassed to workout.

In most cases all Personal Training and Group Training sessions can be accommodated for all levels of fitness.  It doesn’t matter how old or inexperienced you are, these are just excuses that are stopping yourself from getting started.  Anyone that has trained in group classes also knows how accommodating Fitness Instructors are when there is a newbie in a session.  Along with this other clients are also fantastic at helping anyone knew get their grasp on the ins and outs of the session.  If you’re embarrassed to workout in general then I would suggest just get moving.  Start by going for a walk with friends or on your lunch break.  You will continue to  grow in confidence.  Once you have increased this you will be ready to tackle any new fitness options thrown at you.  Just go and give it a go, you won’t regret it!

It’s so easy to make excuses, but if you are truly wanting results you need to stop with the excuses and just get on with turning excuses around into actions.  Fitness can be super fun, enjoyable and give you a huge boost in confidence.  You will be able to do things you’d never once thought you could dream of doing.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and give it a go… you might even surprise yourself with an underlying passion you’ve not realised you previously had.

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Brenton Wells

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