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Travelling and Staying Fit

You're heading away for work or you've been planning your holiday for a while now.  That suit, dress or swimming costume is looking sharp from all the hard fitness hours you've been putting in.  But one thing is left which is still a concern.  How do you actually keep fit on your holiday or work trip without a gym?  

We hear it all the time.  I don't like running and there's no gym where I'm staying so how can I possibly stay fit?  Well we are excited to let you know that you absolutely can stay fit.  All you need is a minimal amount of space and yourself.  Sounds pretty easy and great doesn't it?  Well keep reading for our top 5 exercises that you need zero equipment for and just the use of your own body weight. 

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Our Top 5 Holiday Exercises - no gym needed

1. Squats

We love a good squat!  They are functional, come with countless variations and can get you burning calories in a matter of seconds.  Ensure you have got the technique correct before adding jumps, pulses or any further moves to this awesome exercise.  The best part is because it's your legs, you are working big muscle groups which will help to burn calories and helping toning through your quads, glutes and calves.  

2. Pushups

Whether you do them on your knees, toes or even raised on the edge of the bed or chair, pushups are great for upper and chest strength.  Like a squat they are versatile and you can do so many different variations of a pushup.  From hands in close, out wide, seperate distances, one higher than the other and using your hands in different directions, these are all sure to help build tone and strength.

3. High Knees

Add sets of high knees in between other functional strength movements.  High knees are a great filler for any exercise program and are designed to get the heart pumping, the body sweating and exciting your endorphins.  Particularly great for high explosive on the spot calorie burning which makes them perfect for any holiday or work overnight room etc. 

4. Mountain Climbers

This move is great for an all over body workout.  Activating through the core, you will also use your back for support, shoulders to hold you up off the ground, legs to push through the movement and your cardio system for elevated heart rate.  It won't take you long to start sweating when dropping some sets of mountain climbers into your workout. 

5. Planking

Planking is a better workout for your core and overall body strength than sit-ups.  It will utilise your arms, core, lower back and legs to keep your posture correct and well aligned.  No need for a sore neck here like sit-ups!  Planking also has many variations which you can play around with and change up.  From lifting up a hand or foot from the ground, to toe tapping, hand tapping you will be creating a solid core before you know it!

So there you have it, you don't have to go all out crazy on a holiday or work trip and not still sneak in your workout.  Yes we know time is always a contributing factor to exercise but having a workout isn't just great for the body it's also good for your mindset. 

So don't delay get your workout in today!

Brenton Wells

Found Whoosh Fitness

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