Top 5 Tips – How to stay Committed to your New Year Health Goals

Why do we set New Years Resolutions?

What's the infatuation of people thinking that because one year is over that we can go to bed, wake up the next day and be a different person?  Well to hit the nail on the head and saying it how it is... you can't.  However, it's not at all bad setting yourself some goals to help better your life.  The problem is with most goals people are either trying to lose weight, enter a new fitness journey, stop smoking, drink less.  But yet we party the night away only to wake up New Year's day feeling super sorry for ourselves.  By this time you've probably already missed your first workout, drank through the night and mostly broken all your new resolutions already.

So if you're someone that has made it to week 2 of January and you're still on track GO YOU!  If you're one of the other 98% of people that have already fallen off the bus, it's time to get back on board because all is not lost.  If you're one of the 98% that made a resolution and want to change but are struggling check out our top 5 tips below. They will give you some tips on how to best tackle changing for the better in 2019.

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5 Top Tips - Stay on track, feel great!

1 - Understand why you want to change?

It sounds pretty obvious but most people just flippantly put out to the world their goals.  The problem with this is it lacks any substance.  No thought process about how they will go about achieving what they want.  Changing your life for better health and fitness are HUGE commitments to yourself.  So you really need to understand the underlying reason of 'why' you're wanting to change.  By finding out the core reasons why you want to change, you will have more motivation to stick at it long term.

2 - What's going to stop you from achieving? 

There are many things in life that can de-rail you from achieving your goals.  From friends, family and work there can be plenty of blockers of your change.  You need to sit down and create a list of all the things that you feel are going to stop you from achieving.  With each blocker you need to come up with a plan on what you're going to do to overcome that problem.  Is it someone at home that keeps buying unhealthy food whilst you're on your fitness journey?  You need to be prepared to sit down and have the hard conversations with loved ones.  Help them understand WHY you need to do this and how it makes you feel.  And the plan to tackle the situation together so they can support you and you can support them. 

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3 - Planning makes you a winner!

Now that you've had the hard conversations with your family and friends, it's time to get planning!  If you don't set yourself a plan or draw up a road map how will you ever get to the end?  Planning is everything from organising your workouts to the food you plan to eat for the week with a calorie breakdown.  It allows you to see exactly what your week looks like and helps you to stay committed and on track with your journey.

4 - Budget for getting professional help

Changing things in your life like fitness, smoking etc can be really hard.  Especially when you are on the journey solo.  Hiring someone like a Personal Trainer to help you on your fitness journey can be the defining thing that could help you achieve.  They will help guide you, keep you motivated and focused on the end game.  If you can't afford a professional then try and get a friend on board with you.  Training with a friend usually boosts motivation and keeps you consistent even when you're not feeling it.

5- Be committed to yourself

Do it for you!  Too many times people try to create change based on others opinions.  If this is you then we can tell you the chances of success will be really low!  You need to want to change and have the burning reasons of why.  There's nothing more powerful in life than doing something for yourself!  So if you're wanting to change follow steps 1-4 above and absolutely be committed to YOU.

If you've already busted your New Years resolutions stope beating yourself up over it.  The best part is... you have 364 other days of the year that you can get back on board and achieve.  Set backs happen to everyone and they are a big part of everyone's journey.  They help to teach you how to deal with that situation in the future and come out on top next time.  So get going... what are you waiting for?  You don't need a significant date to allow you to start changing for the better, just get started today!

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