Fitness NOT Fatness

Fitness NOT Fatness

Fitness and Fatness.  What does it mean to you?  Guaranteed if we put 100 people in a room and asked them this question that most answers will be different.  This isn't a bad thing.  The stigma that is attached to the health and fitness industry is a huge problem.  Conforming to one type of image and look is however where the road map becomes muddy.  

Not all guys want a 6 pack and to be built to the rafters.  Not all women want to have a size zero waist.  If you do... that's great and if you don't, then that's great also.  The problem with this billion dollar industry is that you're silently made to feel not worthy if you don't have that 6pack or size zero waistline.  For most people these are highly unachievable goals.

So how do you go about helping people around you understand 'really' what your goals are.  How can we (in the fitness industry) help make you feel comfortable enough to get into fitness and help you feel great about yourself?  How do you know if you're actually training at a quality level for what you're wanting to achieve? There are many X-factors that can throw you a bloody big curve ball when it comes to fitness.  Don't forget...there are people out there that can help you!

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Focus on the word Fitness

As we've mentioned fitness means different things to different people.  But we need to touch cautiously on the word fatness.  Being overweight or "fat" as some would call it can be a really traumatising word for people to take on board.  The reality is Australians are becoming more unhealthy and thus become larger and more unhealthy.  

There is a big difference between talking about fatness and actually calling someone fat to their face or behind it.  If you're overweight you are usually pretty aware of the fact already and don't require people telling you to your face.   It's hurtful comments from people that will halt someone becoming motivated to start focusing on their fitness. 

If motivation is what you need and you need someone to help you, we are here to support you!  Commencing any fitness journey is hard, but it will get easier as time goes by.  Doing burpees and long treadmill workouts are not a pre-requisite to get you on your way to achieving your new fitness goals.  It's more about the 'quality' of your time spent training verse the length of time spent training. 

Completing a high intensity workout for 20-30mins could actually be equal to for example a 2 hour spin bike workout.  It's about knowing the tricks to fitness that can help you achieve the goals you have set.  Ensuring your goals remain achievable will be key to you hitting your goals. 

Fitness can mean whatever you want it too.

Fitness means different things to different people.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain your current weight it's up to you personally on how you utilise exercise in your life.  What's not ok though is to be called 'fat' by people in a hurtful and derogatory way.  This is NEVER ok.  At Whoosh we are open arms for everyone, regardless of who you are, your size, weight, height, sexuality etc.  If you want to feel comfortable in a fitness environment than we are here to help you.

You should never feel uncomfortable when training around others and your trainer should also have your goals in mind.  At Whoosh it's our job to help try and demystify what the health and fitness industry is all about.  We are here to help change the face of the industry.  We won't apply any stigma's or judgements on you and it's 100% ok for you to be you! 

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