Foods to help the common cold

Foods do help recovery from being sick with a common cold and flu

As temperatures drop we know it’s the time of the year where the common cold (and more severely the flu) can affect a lot of people.  Yes, if you have the flu or severe cold symptoms a trip to the doctor is definitely recommended.  However, for the common cold there is certain things you can do in the comfort of your own home to help speed up the recovery period.

We’re going to share with you our top 5 foods you should be eating to help recover from a cold.  Rest is vital in recovering from any sickness.  Rest will allow your body to fight your illness and allow it to recover as quickly as possible.  Pushing on through by heading to work or pushing yourself at the gym isn’t going to help the recovery period of cold.  Along with this you increase the chances of making others around you sick and the cycle continues.

Did you know that more Australians also consume more unhealthy foods in winter.  These being pizza, burgers and much more take away foods.  These foods typically don’t contain anywhere near enough of the good stuff in them to help keep your body healthy and fighting fit.  It makes you more susceptible to germs and potential the sickness bugs.

There really are GOOD and BAD FOODS!

Top 5 foods that help you to recover more quickly from being sick

  1. Vitamin C – This is the one vitamin that everyone is aware of.  Did you know that Vitamin C is found in many more fruits and vegetables then just oranges?  Fruits like Guava and Kiwi Fruit actually have higher levels of Vitamin C than oranges.  Capsicums both red and green also are more Vitamin C packed than oranges.  Strawberries and Paw Paw are also fantastic added options that you can pop into a quick and easy smoothie to help boost the good stuff.
  2. Probiotics – Usually found in yoghurt these little guys are the good bacteria that help your gut to keep functioning correctly.  They help to keep your gut balanced with good bacteria which hopefully outweighs the bad.  This will help in keeping you healthy and stronger to fighting off any potential germs and common colds.
  3. Garlic – It’s not the bad breath that helps to ward off the germs.  A compound found in garlic called allicin which is a natural protection against microorganisms.  Studies show that Allicin works similarly in humans at fighting off germs that enter our bodies.
  4. Fluids – A lot of the time when people feel sick they actually decrease their fluid intake.  However, continuing to keep consuming the same amount if not more water than usual will help your body flush out any potential germs, keep you hydrated and hopefully overcoming your sickness more quickly.
  5. Vegetables – Probably the most important of all, vegetables carry huge amounts of great nutrients for your body.  These nutrients help to balance your system, get it refuelled with goodness and helps to fight any bad germs in your body.  With rebalancing the goodness in your system, this too will help you to overcome being sick more quickly.  Dark green vegetables are usually the best for nutrients, things like broccoli, spinach, kale and beans.

No one likes being sick

It’s true, no one goes out of their way to become sick.  Sometimes though getting sick happens to everyone and the key to getting back on your feet more quickly is a good consumption of healthy foods and plenty of rest.  There really is no quick fix except time. Everyone recovers differently and it highly depends on how well your body is operating to begin with.  So if you do pick up the dreaded cold, rug up, put a good movie on, call in sick to work and let your body recover correctly.  The body is an amazing thing and it is far more powerful then what we ever give it credit for.  Let it do it’s job to get you on your feet quickly!

We wish you well in staving off any potential sickness this winter and hope you stay fighting fit right through the cold season!

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