Form Great Life Habits Now

There's no better time to start

Changing habits can be hard.  It's easy to sit on the couch on a Sunday night and tell yourself tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow is the day I change for the better.  But how many people know how to create that change and make them sustainable life habits?  Most people try to target everything in their life at once.  How many of us actually have the time in our weeks to change every aspect of our life for the better?  Very few.

So where does one start when you know you need to create new habits but are just so lost in finding the start button.  How can you choose which habits are more important to change before others?  Well keep reading on and our tips should help to give you some direction on where you start to create your road map.

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1. Preparation of the mind

You're probably thinking why is this our key point to changing habits.  Well if you aren't mentally in the right place it's going to be very hard to ever commit to change.  The brain will either help you be successful or work against you.  So you need to have clarity and dedication to why you're wanting to change your habits.  To help your mind, plan out your habit changes.  Having a visual will allow your mind to know where it's heading and to help keep it on track.

2. It's the best weather to form great habits

Forming habits over Summer and Autumn will train and teach you how to cope over the cooler winter months.  Cooler months with less daylight hours, more wet weather and colder temps means a lot of people stay in bed or give up on their fitness.  However if you can form good healthy fitness habits now you will go into winter stronger not only physically but also mentally to combat any lazy feelings that you may get. 

3. Choose 2 to 3 things to create change

Create small changes and add to them over time.  Do you know it can take up to 28days to create a habit.  So if you aren't being strong willed it will be very easy for things to all fall over.  Once you hit 28days and have successfully and consistently kept to first instalment of habit changes, you will now be able to add another couple of habits to list.  

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4. Get the best bang for your buck

In regards to your fitness it's best to look at what changes you can make that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  So getting involved in group training or personal training and learning how to eat healthily are probably key.  Not only will you have a trainer keeping you motivated but training with other like minded people will always help you on your journey.

5. You're not alone!

Remember when you're making changes don't forget to use your network of people around you.  You don't have to make habit changes alone.  You may even find by speaking out about your life changes you may help to inspire others or find out someone wants to create new habits with you.  The success rate for changing habits increases when you have good friends involved.  So get to it, spread the word and do it together. 

If you are serious about changing habits in your life there's nothing stopping you except yourself.  Excuses and reasons why you can't change will be blockers to your mind overcoming these hurdles.  So be open to every opportunity, always accept a training session, move more and get ready to really live your best life!

Until next time, 

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