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Last week I touched briefly on one of my Instagram vlogs about the power of making great choices in your life.  I wanted to go in a little bit deeper to extend on what I was talking about.  I think it’s hugely important in life that when you make choices you do it with you as number 1.  Because frankly, if you can’t empower yourself first how can you ever inspire or help others around you?

Let’s say for example you’re wanting to lose weight.  How easy is it to express your new found ‘you’ to the world?  It’s super easy!  At the touch of a button you’ve created a facebook status, instagram photo, twitter post naming just a few.  But where does the follow through happen after you’ve had 100 friends on facebook give you positive ‘good on you’s’, ‘you can do it’ comments?  It’s so easy to get self gratification from all these posts but who is really holding you accountable to your goal?

Why do we need others gratification before we get started on something for ourselves?

It seems crazy but this is such a huge part of today’s very ‘now’ mentality.  Unfortunately though, only if losing weight or getting better toned happened just as quickly as posting something on social media.  Reality is the journey is a lot longer and for most a lot harder then what they would ever assume.  I should know because I’ve been there and to a point still very much on my own personal journey.  I really don’t think your journey ever finishes because once you reach a goal there is always the next thing you want to focus on.

From my experiences people always seem so much more empowered keeping their journey to themselves.  Once they achieve their goal, post it on social media and then get the good vibes flowing through.  This will keep them empowered and motivated heading into their next challenge or goal that they set.

I quit the gym and instantly felt empowered!

bastian Best Mate
My mate @bastianbuxbeagle

It’s true, I never thought that getting in a rut with your routine could play on you so much.  I’ve been an avid gym goer for going

on 15years now.  Being a qualified PT I know how to change up my routine regularly by doing different exercises etc so that was never a problem.  My biggest problem though was finding the time in my days to get everything done.  Running a successful mobile PT business I would be constantly zipping around the city and covering a fair bit of ground in between.  So squeezing in my gym sessions would sometimes prove difficult.

Then balancing this working life with my partner and dog (yes he’s my bestie and influences so many of my life choices), social catch ups with friends, admin work, social media, cooking and prepping meals along with in general life became a massive struggle.  So the real question hit me, was it really quitting the gym that made me feel empowered or was it something else?  Some underlying feeling or thought that needed altering in my life?

My empowerment came back to stealing back time!

The biggest juggling act in my life ultimately came back to time.  How do I steal more time back for my myself?  Steal more time back for working on my business?  Steal more time back so I can spend quality time with my dog (Bastian) and my partner.  Something had to give.

I looked at everything that I undertook in a common day.  From the outside looking in it didn’t seem I was doing that bad… but as I dug deeper there was clear parts of my day in which I wasted.  This is where I noticed how much time the gym actually took up in my day.  Cancelling out travel time to and from the gym easily has saved me 30-45mins a day.  Now that I’m working out at home, completing the same group training sessions that I put my wonderful clients through, my workouts now are literally 30mins a session instead of spending 45mins-1hour at the gym.  Another 15-30mins saved.  So just by changing my routine I’ve managed to claw back up to 75mins back into my day.

This is why I feel empowered by dropping the gym

So being empowered by quitting the gym was really just a sideline for getting more purposeful time back into my life.  This is where my next journey has come from, showing all you amazing people that you can live a life of health and fitness without having to see inside a gym.  In the last 7 days I’ve dropped just on 1kg which I’m happy with, I feel more in control with completing all the things on my daily to do lists and it’s time to get the business expanding.


Choices had to be made

The choices I had to make were not easy for myself.  It took me 4 weeks to finally go into the gym office and cancel that membership.  But ultimately I made a bloody good choice after looking deeper into my schedules and realised it had to go.  Making good choices can be the difference of you achieving or not achieving your goals.  Choosing to say yes to dessert or no to dessert, yes to wine or no to wine, yes to walking up the stairs or no.  Everything in our life comes down to choosing.  Once you back your choices, stick to them and know what your short or long term outcomes are going to be will make you a winner.  Even if it’s just a winner in your own eyes it doesn’t matter.

Live your best life by making choices that serve the purpose of creating the best outcome for you!  Because at the end of the day if you don’t have you, and don’t love who you are… who are you really benefiting?

Until next time,

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