Get Ready Guide

Whoosh Get Ready Guide

Starting a new fitness program can be really daunting.  Whether you're a fitness guru or a first timer we know it can be mentally and physically hard to get going.  At Whoosh we wanted to give you some solid pointers with our 'Get Ready' guide to help kickstart your new fitness routine as smoothly as possible.  We want you to be successful first time round.

Let's not wait any longer... Beginning now is key!

1.  Get your fridge and food ready

Many people think that you can just exercise and the rest will happen. We all know that exercising and moving more is super important.  However eating more healthy foods is what will make a big difference if you wish to really accelerate your fitness results.  Regardless if you are wanting to lose weight or build tone and strength, nutrition is a key to success.

2.  Plan your workouts

Did you know that most people fail with fitness goals when a plan isn't put in place?  Planning is a key to success in the fitness world as it will keep you on track and accountable.  Look at your overall schedule and block out time in your calendar as non negotiable workout time.  Working out is just as important as a doctor's appointment, so don't skip it!

3.  Ensure you have comfortable workout clothes

One big mistake people make is wearing uncomfortable clothing to training sessions (this includes shoes!).  Fashion statements may need to be made however, let us tell you... comfortability is far superior to fashion.  Get yourself a good pair of shoes, skins/bike pants, comfortable bra for women, comfortable underwear for the guys and limit any clothes that may chafe. 

4.  Get moving today, don't wait for tomorrow

It's really easy just waiting until your first session is booked, but if you've got the time then start getting active today.  Even if it's just going for a walk around the block or a bike ride, starting to day means you are one day closer to your goal.  Moving will assist you in also keep your muscles warm and ready for more intense exercise.

5.  Be prepared for your Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training is great fun, but being prepared for your sessions is vital.  So here is our MUST list for when you come to a session. 

- Bottle of Water (ensuring it's of a decent size so you don't run out)

- Sweat Towel

- Jumper depending on the cold weather

- Hat / Sunscreen for hot and warm days

6. If you're new to training you may need some Personal Training sessions before commencing Group Fitness

Sometimes when you're new to fitness you will need to learn basic moves and technique.  With this in mind it maybe wise to book in for some solo personal training sessions to commence your journey.  Not only will this leave you feeling confident when you hit the Group Fitness sessions, but it will also keep you safe.  If you want to make sure you'll be safe and ready for group training we advise to have some Personal Training sessions first to help you feel confident about your technique. 

7. Ensure you have a good stretching routine

Stretching and recovery is essential in any fitness programme.  It will allow your muscles and body to relax and recover by leaving you feeling recharged to hit each session across the week with 100%.  If you are sore ,sitting and not moving is the worst thing you can do.  Keep blood flowing through the muscles will help with your movement, so even a casual walk can assist in muscle soreness and recovery. 

8. It takes 28days to change a habit

Physical changes take time to be noticed.  It takes most people 28days to form new habits.  Don't expect things to happen overnight.  You may not even see body changes for weeks.  Your brain is very tuned into looking at yourself.  It will target and despise all the parts of your body that you dislike.  Stop being down on yourself.  If you follow the programme your body will change over time.

9. Download the Whoosh Fitness App

It's never been easier to book your Personal Training or Group Fitness Sessions.  Available now in the iOS store you can search for our Whoosh Fitness app, download it, sign up and book your sessions for days and times that suit your schedule.  Allow our Whoosh trainers to come to you and help you with your fitness journeys. 

There you have it, our Whoosh Get Ready guide.  Now it's time to get yourself living a more healthy and active life. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@whooshfitness.com  we are always here to help!

- The Whoosh Fitness Crew