Healthy Eating

Where along the way did we get so off track and lose sight from eating and exercising a natural healthy lifestyle?

From fast food, calories, saturated fats, trans fats, sugar, colour additives, preservatives, copious amounts of letters and words that can’t even be pronounced or understood to the overall dreaded word “DIET”. What has happened to a simple food way of life?

It feels like in today’s society that if we aren’t on the next “fad” diet then we aren’t apart of the in crowd. Then we need a diet to counteract a diet and the story goes around and around…. ARRGHHH the confusion and frustration is real!

Somewhere our education is still not filtering through so people can make an educated choice on what they are putting into their mouth. Should companies that mass produce high calorie, high sugar and high unhealthy fat products be held more accountable for their contribution to an ever growing unhealthy population.

One of the biggest problems I see with today’s lifestyle is not only the types of foods we are choosing to eat, but also portion size. We are just eating far “TOO” much. Growing up in a culture where we reward kids for finishing all their food on their dinner plate with a big bowl of icecream or after dinner sweets just screams danger flags. This teaches kids to eat more then what they need in order to be rewarded and are habits most will take through to adulthood.

Why do so many people need to use the word “diet”? Is this really a healthy way of living? What if we took a step back, reflected and changed our current eating habits for those of being more of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and protein. Skipping the high calorie dense take away meal for a beautifully home cooked healthy meal? There is no one answer to fix this problem of dieting, but surely life should be far more simple then what we are making it… Most of the time it takes longer to prepare food meals based on a diet plan then actually just consuming a healthy mix of fruit, veges and meats.

Skip the dieting YoYo program and just get back to basics! Try to get to a fresh food market, if it’s in season they’ll be selling it and usually at a great price! If you can’t get it at a market but supermarkets have the product in abundance the question needs to be asked how is this being stored in the produce’s off season?

Think easy, think quick, think yummy and most of all think healthy! Your body will reward you for making great choices!

Whoosh Fitness