Stop with the quick crash diets and learn proper healthy life skills.

Stop being a yo-yo

It's easier said than done for most people.  You know what we are talking about.  It's simple right?  Weigh your food, count your calories, shop healthy, cook and prep all your food and exercise daily.  If talking that out loud wasn't a mouthful, well writing it in a sentence was just as bad!  

This however is the problem that people have when trying to improve the overall health of their lives.  Adding children or partners into the equation and you've multiplied that sentence by 4 when it comes to balancing your time.  So instead of learning how to just live a consistently healthy life most of us end up on this yo yo version of living. 

We get stressed or busy and the first thing to go is your exercise routine.  Getting home from work late and become lazy with cooking healthy so you opt for takeaway and poor drink choices.  Before you know it you've added 5kg's around your waistline and realise you have a holiday coming up.  So now it's time to start eating nothing and exercising crazily.  You will most likely become sick from the inconsistent way you're living your life. 

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Group fitness can keep you motivated even when your head may not be in the right space. 

Exercise is important but so is food health

Exercising is a really important part of what should be for everyones lives.  But if you're wanting to enjoy a well balanced healthy life the reality is your food choices are a huge part of the equation.  That's why we prefer to talk with our clients about the overall health and wellbeing rather than crash dieting and you only needing to do one 6 week challenge. 

A fitness challenge is great for anyone to get them on their way to their fitness goals however this period should also be about sustainable change and not a quick fix. 

Learning and making sustainable change is the key to long term success

Learning new life skills and putting them into action are the key to long term success with your health.  If you don't create change or do something different you will continue to keep going around in circles.  So if you're really wanting long term successes you must firstly understand what and how you need to change.  Putting a plan together for your journey is a great way to success.  It will keep you on track and focused on your end goal.  

If you have a trainer that's expecting you to eat a cube of salmon with a stalk of asian greens for 5 meals a day, is this really going to set you up for the long term?  The chances are you will get results yes.  However have you learnt what it takes to maintain your healthy life to continue to live at your new consistent weight?  This is where the Yo Yo effect will begin to happen.  You'll put weight back on, then go back onto a cube of salmon with greens to get results and the cycle will continue. 

Sounds fun doesn't it?  We think not...

Why is Whoosh different?

We don't believe this is the best way to get results from our clients.  We understand that you're busy, that time is limited and you still want to enjoy your life. 

You won't see from us those crazy weight loss before and after photos that you sit there and think "how is that even possible in 4 weeks".  We won't get you to starve to get results.  We much prefer to teach you how to balance the good with the bad and how you can still enjoy your life.  Yes we can talk straight up with our clients if they are on a specific personal journey, however in our experience we've found most people want the same thing.  To live a long term healthy life.

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What changes can you expect?

You can expect to be more happy and in control .  If weight loss is what you're after this can be achieved in sustainable healthy ways without teaching you bad habits like crash dieting.  Yes you will actually get to eat food!  You will start to love yourself for who you are and have a new found inner confidence.  Ending up with new fitness friends is a big step to changing your life for the better.  Being surrounded by like minded people on similar journeys who do not pass judgement on your experience of fitness or level of fitness makes it all that much easier!   So whether you're single, in a  couple, a new mum or a parent to teenagers we can help you.

The changes will happen overtime and they will be sustainable!  Yes you can do it quickly by crash dieting and ridiculous training programs, but this is not teaching you the habits to have long term success.  If you love being a yo yo then continue with what you're doing.  However in our experience if you want to get off that bouncy cord to the ups and downs and get results by still living and enjoying life then maybe it's time to take a chance on change?

So all there is left to do is make the decision to give it a go.  Give it a go to help yourself to love the skin you're in.  Because at the end of the day it's not about everyone else, it's about you and who you personally aspire to be.

Until next time...

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