How to get Fitness Motivation?

Fitness Motivation - How do you get it?

Life has got you feeling a little flat and you've packed on a few kilos and potentially lost your fitness motivation.  You know that you need to do something about the weight gain but where do you start?  You're head space where you just aren't ready to commit yet nor do you have the energy to think about it.  So how do you go from turning this current headspace into that of a fitness motivated person?

I too have been in this exact same headspace.  Each person is different in how they deal with fitness motivation.  Or do you not even know what fitness motivation is?  

The Meaning of Fitness "the condition of feeling physically strong and healthy" - Cambridge Dictionary

Let us dive deeper in to the meaning of fitness motivation

So above might be the meaning of fitness but we think it's far more than that. It's one thing to be physically strong and healthy but when you say the word 'fitness' to a group of people we can guarantee that everyone would have a slightly different opinion.  Some pretty standard words word come up however, mindfulness, flexibility, good body, endurance and no doubt so many more.

So we know that people perceive fitness very differently.  But you know the type, the toned, good looking (even when they are sweaty), positive, focused and fit looking person.  How do they have the motivation to keep going day in and day out?  Even those types of people have off days but how do they cut through those feelings to stay motivated?  

Well shhhhh... we are going to let you in on some of their secrets on how you can also become motivated to get your fitness on track.

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Our top 5 tips on Fitness Motivation

  1. Get yourself organised.

It seems a little lame as point number 1 but it really does work.  Having your workout clothes packed and ready to go for the next day will keep you mentally motivated to not skip your workout.  Not only this but you will reduce the rush around before work trying to get everything packed and ready to go.  

2.  Determine 'WHY' you're needing the motivation.

It's really important to understand the reasons of why you're wanting to make the change.  But understanding this simple little thing will keep your mind on the end game.  Whether it's to de-stress your life, lose some weight or generally feel happier in life finding out the reasons for your journey will help you find inner motivation.

3.  Appreciate your body.

Regardless of your current fitness level you need to come to terms with where your body is at.  Sure, it's easy to pin point all the things you hate about your body, but it's gotten you this far on this journey called life.  So give it a break it's been doing a good job.  Instead of always being negative towards it, start looking at your body and telling yourself the things you love about it.  Having a good mindset about your body will make you feel better and in turn create self motivation.

4.  Don't compare yourself to others.

This is a HUGE issue in today's world.  We jump on social media and see all these ripped or well toned guys and gals and have unrealistic images in our heads about how we want to look.  STOP comparing yourself to others.  You don't know how touched up these pictures are or how many filters are placed on them to make them look the way they do.  Everyone's bodies, shapes, hips, broadness are all different to each other.

5.  Start small.

Plan for small changes.  This will allow your mind to feel that it's achievable and you will more likely stay on track with your fitness journey.  Having outrageous goals usually leaves people feeling flat or upset when they haven't achieved a huge target by a certain time.  This is when most people lose all motivation.  So enjoy the journey, keep the goals small and just keep working at them.  

Self fitness motivation is absolutely achievable by using the techniques above.  So put them into action today and get your fitness journey on the way!

Until next time,

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