How to lose weight at home

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How To Lose Weight At Home

It comes as no secret that many people would like to lose weight. All the stats are pointing that through all the variations of  lockdown approaches taken world wide that alcohol consumption has increased. With alcohol consumption we usually also increase in added consumption of food/snack based calories also. Let's not even go into the long term mental health implications based on the all the changes that 2020 has thrown at us. 

However in between all the negativity surrounding all these crap times there has also been glimmers of positivity poking their way through. People using this home time to really focus and change their lives for the better. From losing weight, re-connecting with family, learning new skills and even learning to home cook. It's been super inspiring to see the creativity of people shine and this is what I have really taken away from 2020 so far.

So how did these people do it? Focusing on those people that lost weight, how with all gyms being closed with limited allowances of exercise time did these people seriously achieve some dramatic results? Read on! Because we are going to give you some great tips on how you could kick start your weight loss at home too!

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Kickstarting Your Home Weight Loss

It's Your Choice and Only Your Choice

I know how you're feeling. Let's see... some of the words that come to mind are, frumpy, unhappy, gross, disappointed, frustrated. All pretty crap words to repeat to yourself everyday aren't they? It's time to use those words as your motivation and power to forge change. When it comes to weight loss there is certainly self control and discipline you need to focus on.

Losing weight comes easy to some and not so easy to others, but one thing it does have in common is your decision and choice to make it a priority in your life. It won't matter what changes you make if you haven't 100% fully decided and committed to making it a priority and sticking to your plan. 

Clean the S*** Out Of Your House

By now you might be thinking, wow this guy is being really full on. But I stand firm with my motion of you can't leave crap food sitting in your fridge, freezer or cupboards. This will just give you easy options to eat when you do have those moments of 'this is too hard, I can't do this'. They will happen so you need to be prepared.

Avoid this situation before you get started by removing all your temptations. Biscuits, chocolate, butter, cream, chips - you know the stuff.. all these items from isle 3 of your supermarket. Don't let yourself self sabotage your weight loss goals!

Plan Your Goals - Make Them Achievable 

You're not on a series of The Biggest Loser. Being at home and trying to lose weight can be difficult. By setting unachievable weight loss goals you'll most likely give up because it's all just too hard. Expecting to lose 10kg in a week is just not practical so don't write this as a goal. 

Remember a good weight loss goal per week is around 0.5kg-1kg. Just think how much more positive you'll feel when you go... YES I lost 1kg this week vs I only lost 1kg of my 5kg target for this week. Your results MUST be practical and achievable. 

Pancakes yes please!It's one of the all time favourite breakfast treats, pancakes!

Don't Go Any Crazy Diets

Did you know most people that go on crazy diets will lose weight, but in time they usually put this weight back on - PLUS more. Cleaning up what you put in your body will absolutely help you lose weight, but you also don't have to go full on crazy with it. 

Portion size is the big problem when it comes to how people eat. Couple this with the extra take out and quick convenience food people eat you're simply just eating added calories. When creating your meal your plate should look something like this... 50% of your plate should be salad/vegetables (you can make this as colourful as a rainbow) just get creative. 25% is protein and the other 25% is your carb (sweet potato, whole grain bread, brown rice etc). There's no need to cut all your carbs, all fruit etc in your day to achieve weight loss. It's about just being aware of what is going into your mouth. 

Move More Throughout Your Day

Whether it's taking the dog for an extra walk or doing an extra 20min workout in the lounge room, every bit of movement counts. No one is telling you to go to the gym for 2 hours a day. Just find the things you love to do. It could be gardening, mowing or even cleaning (if that's your thing). By doing the things you love it will help to keep your motivation high.

There's also options like at home personal trainers that will bring a program designed for your goals, bring the equipment and help motivate you along the way. What I love about this is that it saves you time, saves you dollars and it's highly convenient. It also keeps you on track as you have someone weekly checking in on your progress.

Get Friends And Family Involved

Getting fit is always more fun when doing it with someone. So reach out to your friends, family and work colleagues. You might be surprised at who would love to join you on your journey. Being able to keep each other accountable is what will help you both achieve your weight loss goals. Why not set a mini competition up between the two of you? Make it fun!

This list was never designed to give you mind blowing techniques to help you lose weight at home. In fact it's quite the opposite. Getting you back to understanding the basics is what will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Many years ago in school most of us learnt the KISS principle. I believe weight loss can be summed up pretty simply with this acronym.

K - Keep 

I- It

S - Simple

S - Stupid

You don't need to change your whole life to achieve weight loss. You just need to keep things simple. Simple things like going for a walk, jog or doing some squats and pushups at home. Keeping your food simple, full of colour and portioned correctly. 

Do these steps and I have no doubt you'll be on your way to losing weight before you know it! 

Best of luck and all the best to your journey. If you've achieved weight loss at home over the past 6 months I'd love to hear from you and listen to your story. Please reach out if you've done this as I'd love to share your story with our community. One persons story is another persons inspiration and motivation so why not let us all do this together.


PS - If you have any questions please reach out 🙂 

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