Lose weight without having to join a gym, YES PLEASE!

Our TOP 5 list –

How you can lose weight without having to join a gym

Are you feeling low and know it’s time to do something about your weight but wondering where do you start?  Do you need to join a gym to get results?  If you could lose weight and start achieving your goals all whilst not having to join a gym wouldn’t that be awesome?  Well read on!  Here is out top 5 pointers on how you can lose weight without joining a gym.

  1. You don’t have to follow the crowd!

Just because your friends are all gym members doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit.  Be willing to stand out from the crowd and follow what you love.  There is so many options these days to help you on your weight loss journey so why not give something new a go?  It takes courage to try something new, but maybe that’s exactly what you need to do.  If you love the outdoors why not find a great local outdoor trainer, yoga instructor or even pilates instructor?  Guaranteed they can give you a fun, quick workout that doesn’t leave you feeling bored and better still not having to wait to use equipment in an already busy gym.

   2. The key to weight loss is finding fitness that you enjoy

You need to be honest to yourself.  If you hate running then joining a gym to run on a treadmill to burn calories seems pretty pointless.  You will become bored and feel unmotivated which means your goals will fall by the wayside yet again.  Find what sparks your interest and go after it.  It could be a personal trainer that just ‘get’s you’, group fitness, the beach, taking the dog out for a walk or even taking your dog to training sessions with you.  Whatever it is you need to enjoy it.  Once you enjoy what you’re doing then the weight loss will become easier and not feel so much as a drag.

   3.  Only you can make the decision to change

You can hire the best trainer in the world but that doesn’t mean your going to lose weight.  Only YOU can truly make the decision to change and improve your lifestyle.  You are with your trainer for such a small amount of time that there is so much space that you can sneak an extra chocolate, get take away or even eat a tub of ice-cream if that’s what you choose to do.  So ultimately wanting to change is great but you need to be committed 100%.  Making choices by walking up those stairs at work instead of taking the lift.  Getting home and going for a walk/jog instead of slumping on the couch is all a choice.  If you are committed you will lose weight regardless of becoming a gym member or not.  There is always things in your life that you can change which will improve your overall wellbeing.  A gym doesn’t help you make the decision to change.  You have the power to self motivated so find that inner feeling and get going!

  4.   What you eat is important on your weight loss journey

You can’t be eating donuts, hot chips, deep fried food, take away, chocolate, ice-cream etc and hope that you are going to achieve your goals.  If you are wanting to achieve weight loss then certain foods can not be a part of your diet.  Eating fresh is always going to help you achieve your goals more quickly.  Most people lack nutrients provided by vegetable consumption, so adding extra veggies into your meals is a great idea.  You can still be satisfied with food by eating healthy.  Your body will absolutely love you for the changes you are giving it too.  Having a healthy balanced diet of veggies, fruits, grains, proteins and dairy will leave you feeling full, satisfied but also energised to get on with life.  Healthy food is a major part of achieving weight loss and best of all this doesn’t have anything to do with being at a gym!


  5.  Find local fitness professionals  that can help you on your journey

You don’t have to join a gym to get great quality trainers.  You will find amazing quality trainers in your local area right now!  Most will train in privately owned studios, outdoors or may even come direct to your home.  The best thing about most of these trainers are that  you don’t have to train in a packed out gym or feel overwhelmed by everyone else around you.  Most local trainers don’t charge lock in contract rates and tend to be far more flexible and understanding as you become a part of their community rather then just a number.  So our tip here is to do your homework.  Make sure your potential new trainer is qualified and that they have insurance. Peace of mind to you as the client to feel comfortable and confident in your trainer is key.  Once you feel comfortable and have trust then absolutely let your trainer help you on your journey of new found fitness love!

There is our top 5 tips to losing weight and not having to join a gym.

Until our next article be inspired, be inspirational to others and never stop giving up!

Brenton Wells

Director of Fitness @ Whoosh

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