Mango Buzz Smoothie

Quick Realness - Mango Buzz Smoothie

Fresh good food doesn't have to take ages to create.  This quick and easy Mango buzz smoothie is perfect for anyone who struggles with getting a fresh home made breakfast into their day.  After enjoying this smoothie we can guarantee you will get a cool and groovy hop skip into your step and have you energised for your day. 

It's healthy and fresh and at only 354calories you know you are being kind to your waistline too!  Naturally sweet from the mango, thickness from the banana and creaminess from the almond milk you're totally onto a winner with this little beauty.

So all you need to do is blend and enjoy!

- Whoosh Fitness Crew

Nutrition per serve:

Calories 354 | Fat 4.8g | Carbs 74g | Protein 8.3g

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