Your healthy menu this week

Healthy planned menu’s will help you hit your goals.

If you’re currently on a fitness journey then having a great planned menu for the week ahead will pay you dividends.  Too many times we see people killing themselves with fitness but lacking a good stable and consistent healthy food menu.   But why is a healthy diet the key to success?  Eating healthy will allow you to move towards your goals.  You will notice you will also sleep better, have glowing skin and feel more confident in yourself.  This also means you will have more energy to give 100% in each and every training session.

Being planned with your meals will save you plenty of time across your week and keep you from impulse buying in supermarkets.  So what type of meals do we recommend for a healthy planned week by week menu?  Check out our 5 tips below on what to incorporate into your weekly menu plan to keep yourself on track.

Top 5 tips to your healthy weekly menu

1- Choose more Vegetables

It doesn’t seem like brain surgery however it’s crazy to think how many people DON’T get enough vegetables daily into their diet.  Vegetables provide your body with awesome nutrients that keep it running at 100%.  They help to keep your immune system functioning well and help to reduce the chances and lengths of you becoming sick.  Mostly they are all low in calories too which means it’s a great solution for to assist with weight loss.

2- Eat more Salad

Make a fresh salad with your protein choice.  Salad is super low in calories and helps to keep you in control of calories and is great for anybody on a weight loss journey.  Again packed full of goodness for your body, fuelling your body correctly will allow you to get so much more out of your day.


3- Plan your weekly menu

Planning your weekly meals will not only save you money, but keep your food in check and at the correct portions.  No one said ever that a fitness journey was easy.  There is no quick fixes, learning to be consistent with eating healthy will help you achieve your goal more quickly.  Not only will you start to love yourself more, but you will also start to enjoy the taste of fresh good real foods.

4- Limit processed Carbs

I will not sit here and tell you to cut out every carb in your diet and with good reason.  If you’re eating vegetables then guess what… ta daaa you are eating carbs.  What we are talking about here though is looking at items such as breads, pastas, rice etc.  If you do enjoy eating these guys.. thats OK.  You just need to ensure you are aware of the serving portion size and the calories that come with it.  For example in a 400g bag of pasta you might be looking at 6 servings per packet.  So just be mindful of the qty of these items that you are consuming.

5- Ensure there is healthy fats in your meals

Things like fish, avocado and extra virgin olive oil are all good for you.  Omega3 fats in these items are proven to be good for your body and organs.  Again though, knowing your serving sizes are key to not over consuming them.  In most cases a 1/4 of an avocado is plenty or 1-2 tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil.  So to all those avocado haters out there about their cost, if you only consume 1/4 a day then you start to see they aren’t that expensive after all.  We hope you enjoy our tips on how to get plenty of good foods into your weekly diet which will help you enjoy your fitness journey into the future.

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Brenton Wells

fitness director
Founder @WhooshFitness