Personal experiences and weight loss can be powerful!

Personal Experiences, Weight Loss and what it feels like to turn your life around.

Unless you have been overweight I don’t think you can truly ever fully understand the personal experiences that people go through. Weight loss journeys bring out plenty emotions from the highs and lows to the overwhelming feelings of achievement that can be life changing.  The decision to change can be really really hard!  You are embarrassed to think what people are going to say or think and sometimes it’s your own mind that gets in the way even before you’ve tried.

Talking from my own personal experience

I fully understand what these moments in life feel like.  I reached a weight of 100kg in my early 20’s, feeling gross, fat, revolting, unhealthy and unhappy with everything in my life I made the decision that things had to change.  I’m sure many other people in this same situation have felt all these described words on a personal level.  It’s not nice and does little to help empower yourself to change.  I chose however to get serious.  Serious about wanting to run without feeling puffed, confident enough to go swimming at the beach without a shirt on.  Seems pretty simple, but when you have demons in your head telling you otherwise it can be really bloody hard to overcome this hurdle.

I knew I had to lose weight but where was I going to start?  I was already embarrassed about my body.  My mind was in shambles. How was I going to clear all the negativity to get started?  Here’s where things started to get real…

Times of change

I want you to picture 4am in Melbourne in the depth’s of winter.  What does it look like?  Yep you got it.  It’s dark, cold and for the most part foggy (when it wasn’t raining).  In fact does 4am even register to you as a valid time of the day?  Well to me this is where my weight loss journey started.  You’re probably thinking something like… you’re crazy!  But, in reality as an overweight 20 something guy this was the perfect time for me to exercise.  I was far too embarrassed to join a gym as I was always worried about people looking at me and passing judgement.

So 4am was great, there was little to no one around which suited me fine.  Being dark it allowed me to exercise for the most part being hidden from the world.  Although this didn’t always stop the taunts from name calling from cars as they drove past I was able to stay focused and keep pushing on.  It wasn’t nice and it made me feel completely insecure but I kept forging on as I knew what I wanted as an outcome.  I wanted to get fitter, experience weight loss and start enjoying my life.

The journey begins…

The first 4am alarm was a killer!  I switched it off, got up and immediately got dressed and set off on Day 1 of my weight loss journey.  Starting with walks/jogs around the block and continued to build up my pace and distance over the coming weeks.  Staying on track with my journey day after day week after week I finally completed a personal goal, my first fun run in Melbourne.  Let me stress here though there was no ‘quick’ way to achieving my goals.  It was through hard work and determination and life choices that ultimately led me to where I am today.


With confidence building I was ready for the next challenge!

I finally got to a stage of fitness where I felt it was time to invest in a PT.  (However I was not ready yet to join a big commercial gym).  I decided to find a little local PT studio which had a small clientele with an uplifting and encouraging community feel.  Everyone was lovely!  I felt for the first time I was in a place where I could really excel with my fitness.  This is where I began to learn about strength training and proper nutrition.

From here I knew I wanted to forge a career in fitness.  However different life choices meant I’d changed jobs a few times, fluctuated with my weight over the next 5 years and had some high highs and low lows.  (No different to anyone rolling on through life).  I learnt many lessons over this period which made me realise one thing that always made me feel good.  It made me feel confident and mentally strong.  Whether it was strength training or cardio I always felt great when I was working out and fitness was the key.  So I cut the strings and signed up to become a qualified Personal Trainer.

Fast forward to today

So a few years on and I own my own outdoor personal training business in Melbourne.  It’s great and I LOVE IT!  I understand all those feelings that people are going through when something is hard.  I’ve also heard all the possible excuses people could give me.  Why?  Because I used to be that person giving those exact same excuses to ‘why’ I couldn’t or wouldn’t do something.  I know people have their own individual demons.  Working with people to overcome these situations so they can rise up and achieve the goals they so dearly have their heart set on.

In my world of fitness there is no shaming on people for any reason.  Everyone’s reasons for working out are different and regardless of size, race, sexuality or anything else, to me everyone is equal.  I am happy to lend an ear when someone needs to talk.  Happy to push clients in sessions when they just need that extra little nudge in the right direction.

Personal Experiences, Weight Loss
Perfect for all levels of fitness!


In a nutshell

So in a nutshell that’s my story.  It’s nothing glamorous or amazing, but to me it’s my journey and I hold it close to my heart.  I still get up at 4am to get in a pre-work training session.  I’m still on my journey of fitness but love the fact I get to enjoy my journey whilst helping to motivate others on theirs.  I’ve not been able to shake off the enjoyment of early mornings.  The world seems peaceful and moves at a much slower pace at that time of day which to me is magical.

Are you stuck and don’t know where or how to start your journey?  The first step of reaching out is the hardest part.  Get past that step and you are on your way to a personal journey that will take you places you never thought you could dream of!

Be Inspired | Be Inspirational | Never give up!

Brenton Wells

Fitness Director
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