Personal Training – What’s the go?

Do you need a Personal Trainer?

You’ve been thinking about creating some positive change in your life.  That’s AWESOME!  But you’ve been questioning what the extra value a personal trainer may add to your journey.  So today’s chat is going to be about what a personal trainer can do for you.  How do you find a trainer that is right for you?

It’s a big task trying to find a trainer that you feel comfortable with and ensuring they have the knowledge to help assist you on your journey.  Do you train in a gym or do it outdoors or can you do it from home?  So many different questions that just make the decision to get started on your journey harder than what you previously expected.

Today we are going to try and help you out with some of these questions.

What is the goal you want to achieve?

The first step required is figuring out what your ultimate goal is.  Over the years my goals have changed depending on where I’m at with my journey.  So, for example when I first started out weight loss was the big task ahead.  But after I shed some of the kilo’s I wanted to add more tone and shape to my body.  So the question is… what goals do you want to tackle right now?

A huge congrats once you’ve got this figured out!  Usually it’s one of the hardest parts of the journey, and what’s great is you’ve probably done some soul searching to figure out what’s pushing your buttons.

What interests do you have?

Are you someone that enjoys being outside or does the thought of being out in the fresh air kind of turn you off?  Well this pretty much helps you to decide whether or not you need an indoor or outdoor training solution.  If you’re a dog lover then outdoors is probably also a great option also.  This should be a pretty simple decision for you to make.


Do you train better in a group or solo?

You are the only person that can answer this question.  However, just bare in mind that I’ve had clients in the past that thought group training wasn’t for them but now they’ve tried it and figured out it’s actually fun.  Regardless of the choice you make, you can be assured that either group or solo training will get you results.

What budget do you have?

It’s no surprise that 1 on 1 personal training is going to cost more and group training will be a more cost effective way to train.  The biggest difference is that 1 on 1 training is usually designed specifically for you and the goals you’re wanting to achieve.  Group training is a more general workout that will help you to lose weight and tone but the focus isn’t on you 100% of the time.  For example for the cost of a 1 on 1 PT session may equal the same as being able to do unlimited weekly sessions for the same price.  So work out the budget you have and make a step forward from there.

How do you choose a trainer?

This is probably the hardest question.  You never really know if the trainer you’ve chosen is really for you until you get started.  It can be really confronting to workout with a fit person.  On this though, I can guarantee you there are trainers out there that are all different sizes, with different passions within the fitness industry and are all on different journeys.

But a couple of key points are ensuring they’re actually qualified.  You can ask to see the trainers certification.  If they are a good trainer this won’t at all be an issue for them.  Do they or the business they work for have a business website?  This helps you to confirm the professionalism of the trainer.  Are they just trying to do the sell job on you or are they generally excited about wanting to help you on your fitness journey?  A lot of the larger gym chains are all about ensuring they keep their membership numbers high, which usually leads to a high turnover of PT’s.  Just because there are smaller PT businesses out there it doesn’t mean they are any less great as the large gym chains.  In reality you will probably feel a lot more of a community within the smaller PT businesses and your value for money will stretch a lot further.  You will get more quality time with your trainer and they will help you far more with advice to help you on your journey.

It’s time to COMMIT!

Now that you’ve done the groundwork it’s time to back yourself and commit to the journey you’re about to undertake.  There will be ups and downs but having a Personal or Group trainer will ensure they keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals.  Ensuring that you’re eating well and keeping up on your training you will get there!  Ask your trainer questions… that’s why you ultimately hired them to assist you.  A professional trainer that doesn’t know an answer to your question will be honest about it, but will work with their community to find the answers you desire.

So don’t feel scared about finding a trainer.  Answer the questions above and start hunting for the trainer that’s going to celebrate your fitness journey wins along the way!  Don’t forget you can stay connected with us on our socials at Facebook & Instagram.

Until next time…

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Brenton Wells

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