Post Holiday Blues

How do you get over post holiday blues?

Post holiday blues are totally real!  You’ve spent months planning your holiday and departure time as finally arrived.  You’re excited, energised and ready for some sun, sand, excitement for the weeks ahead.  Holidays are awesome, but you know when you get back to reality the potential to fall back into a slump is real.  The love of being free is over and it’s back to the emails, work, peak hour traffic and life.

Why are so many of us affected by the post holiday blues and what’s more how do you deal with getting over the blues?  Is it just because you aren’t happy with work or your balance of life?  Or does it just naturally effect some people more then others?  Well here is our tips on avoiding the blues.

Here is our top 5 list to avoiding post holiday blues:

1 – Get home a couple of days before you head back to work.  

It seems a little crazy to think this would make any difference, but it actually does work.  When throwing yourself straight back into work the very next day after returning home from holidays it can mentally not feel differentiated.  When these 2 periods join up it can leave you feeling very flat and unmotivated.  I’m sure you have all heard the saying, ‘I need a holiday from my holiday’.  The reality is so many of us try to jam pack a holiday of DO DO DO that we forget to actually sit back and take the time to relax and recharge.  Sometimes this 2 day break between periods allows you to relax at home and slowly get back into life.  It will leave you feeling more recharged and ready to face the realities of life when you do get back to work.

2 – Get your healthy eating back on track.

Ensure you get to the markets and re-stock your fridge and cupboard with healthy eating options.  Getting good food back into your system is one of the best ways of making you feel better about yourself.  People tend to splash out on holidays by drinking and eating lots of great (but unhealthy) foods.  Getting straight back into a consistent healthy diet will help to eliminate those flat feelings.


3 – Start planning your next trip away. 

That’s right!  Planning your next holiday will keep the blues away.  By keeping your mind motivated on what’s ahead it will decrease your flat moods.  It will keep you motivated whilst at work and also keep you on track with getting back into your fitness routine.

4 – Get back into fitness ASAP.

Fitness will always get you feeling more positive and happy.  Yes you’re going to hurt after the first session back, but it’s all totally worth it!  Keep jet lag at bay and reset your body clock by using exercise to reset your body.  Planning your fitness will get you synced back into consistent training whilst feeling better about yourself.

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5 – Get back into your routine from Day 1.

If you’ve come back from holidays with a couple of days to spare, try to get back into your normal routine as soon as you can.  Completing tasks like dog walking, grocery shopping, fitness will all keep your mind active and stop it from thinking about that flat feelings of being home.  Having a plan will shift your focus from being down over your holiday finishing to moving your focus to ‘what’s next’.

So there you have it.  If you suffer from post holiday blues use these tips to help keep away any of the post holiday blues!

Until next time,

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Brenton Wells

Fitness Personal Trainer Owner Founder
Founder / Director @WhooshFitness