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Rest days mean exactly that!

As if you need rest!  Your motivation has hit 100% and you’re back in the game!  Everything is powering at full blast.  Your program is on point, you’re hitting your weekly goals and you’re feeling bloody awesome.  Training is seemingly great too and across the week you are smashing at least one session daily and sometimes even twice.  It all sounds great doesn’t it?  But where does your recovery and body relaxation come into play?  Whether you are training for strength, distance running, weight loss or tone it’s important to incorporate rest days into any fitness program.

Top 5 reasons why you should never skip your rest day!

1.You run the risk of burning out and losing all motivation

When you’re on a high with fitness sometimes it’s easy to ignore your body as you work towards your fitness goals.  However when your Personal Trainer or other fitness professionals tell you to incorporate rest days… guess what, they actually mean it!  There is nothing worse then riding this high feeling of fitness achievement to all come crushing down in a big heap when you lose motivation.  This mental state of burn out can also lead to depression, binge eating, binge drinking and the cycle continues.  No one wants to see you burn out so it’s time to start scheduling some R&R back into your life.

Rest Days Fitness Program
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2. You are far more prone to injuries 

If you aren’t allowing your body to relax and recharge you will be far more prone to injuries.  Whether it’s joint soreness, tendon issues or fractures all of these are a sign of overtraining.  Trust me when I say (from my own personal experience) you don’t want one of these injuries!  Some take weeks if not months to heal which can leave you in a state of depression and ultimately undoing all the good work you’ve achieved with your fitness program thus far.

3. Rest days are great for your body

Most improvements of the mind and body happen when the body is in a state of relaxation.  Your muscles are allowed to relax, recover and grow.  Your mind is able to switch off and recharge to ensure it keeps you motivated when the time is right.  Take a nice calm stroll through the botanical gardens or even down the beach.  Let your mind wander and be free.  Take your shoes off and feel the sand or grass between you toes and reconnect with the earth.  It’s amazing how this can alone can recharge your body and keep you motivated moving forward.


4. You’re less likely to get sick

Let’s be honest… getting sick totally sucks.  No one ever sit’s back and thinks, geez I’d love to be sick today.  However when we continually keep pushing our bodies too far without giving it the rest it requires you alone are giving yourself permission to get sick.  When you are exhausted, run down and tired this is when your immune system is at it’s weakest and when potential germs spreading the common cold or flu will get you.  Rest days will absolutely help you stay fit and healthy and on track to achieving all your fitness goals.

5. You will perform BETTER in your training sessions

When you allow your body to rest and recover it ultimately means your physical output in future training sessions will be far greater.  A fully recovered body will get stronger and more flexible far quicker then those that don’t give themselves rest days.  The stronger you feel the more motivated you will feel to workout.  It’s completely a win win situation.

So what are you waiting for?  Stop your overtraining and start slotting in solid rest days throughout your fitness programs to ensure you are on track to keeping your body healthy and fit.  Your body is your temple and to totally treat it with the best you really can’t go past allowing it to rest.

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