Self Motivation is Key to Weight Loss

Self motivation is a major key in being successful with weight loss.

There are so many of us out there that have shed tears and  become angry about trying to lose weight without achieving the desired goal.  It feels like you’re doing everything right.  You’ve reduced calories, increased exercise and yet still nothing seems to be working.  Does self motivation have a direct correlation in achieving weight loss?  And if so how do you go about getting this overwhelming feeling of motivation? Where does it come from?

Let us try and answer some of the ‘too hard basket’ questions from above for you.

Here’s why we think self motivation is key to helping your weight loss journey and tips on how to find your inner motivation.

1.  Do it for yourself!

One of the major keys to finding self motivation is ensuring that you are on this journey for you.  If you are trying to lose weight because someone else thinks you should you will never achieve your final goal.  The more goals and achievements you kick off your list the more your own self motivation with grow and become stronger.  It’s within this growth that you become unbeatable and won’t let anything get in your way of achieving.

2. Believing you are worthy to be awesome!

Regardless of your shape or size you need to feel worthy of being awesome for yourself.  If you can’t celebrate you, then who can really fill that void?  Being on a weight loss journey is a huge mental game.  Setting your mind set up to be awesome when you start your journey will help to increase your self worth and thus help your self motivation.

3. Being self motivated is better for you then just counting calories.

You’ve tried losing weight by limiting calories and the food your eating but it’s never worked before, so why is it going to be any different this time?  On the flip side however, it’s self motivation that get’s you out of bed to exercise when that alarm goes off.  It’s self motivation that will encourage you not to pick up that chocolate bar at the store.  It’s self motivation that will tell you to stop at 1 glass of wine.  Power of the mind here is absolutely key to helping your weight loss journey.


4. Be inspired by those around you.

Having a great network of people around you is a huge part of your success to achieving weight loss.  Follow people’s journey’s that inspire you on Instagram or Facebook.  Fill your news feed with positive inspiration rather then the usual trash and rubbish that people post. By having inspirational human contact it will directly have a positive affect on your own weight loss journey.  Connect with social groups which allow you to ask questions and gain knowledge to help you through your ups and downs. Having inspirational people around you will help to increase your own self value and self motivation.

5. Enjoy the journey and celebrate the wins along the way!

Too many times we are fixated on the end goal and miss all the amazing achievements along the way.  Celebrate the small wins.  For example : If you buy a chocolate bar everyday as an arvo snack that you have now given up, do you know you will have enough money for a 30min massage every 4 weeks!  Now to me that’s something to celebrate.  Set goals along the way your journey and challenge yourself to do new things that you wouldn’t have normally done.  Every milestone is an achievement, so enjoy the journey and celebrate big when you do achieve!

Based on those 5 tips we hope that you can see how important having self worth and self motivation is key to your success.  Whether your journey is for weight loss, gaining strength, running a marathon or even walking 2km non stop.  The key is to believe in yourself the rest will follow!

Keep up the great work,

Be inspired | Be inspirational to others | Never stop giving up!

Brenton Wells

Director or Fitness @Whoosh

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