Social Media can kill your intensity

Social media, is it killing your workout?

Has social media made our lives more connected or is it actually sabotaging 'what could be'?  When it comes to finding the motivation and time to get fitness in our lives that in itself can be a huge struggle.  Life seems busier, work hours feel longer and the pressures of friends, family and life make balancing time hard.

Most of us are all time poor, but yet most of us on average will pick up our phones 80times a day.  80 times checking instagram, facebook, twitter, emails.  Sitting at our desks or on the couch just scrolling through pages and pages of 'stuff'.  

Even in the middle of a workout you'll regularly see people taking time out to take and post selfies on social media.  But are doing the elusive selfies actually stunting the purpose of your workout?

Read on for our TOP 5 reasons on why we think Social Media is killing your workout.

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Top 5 Reasons to keep off your socials while working out

1 - You will lose focus of why your working out.

What is the purpose of your workout?  Is it because you're on a weight loss journey or are you wanting to tone or bulk up?  The more time you spend scrolling through social media the more you risk de-motivating your brain to getting your workout done.

2 - The intensity of your workout will be killed.

You will lose vital intensity across the overall workout.  From extended breaks in between reps and sets you are sacrificing the opportunity of a great workout to instead scroll through pictures.  

3 - Time wasting. 

We all have that one or two exercises that we just don't enjoy.  Whether it be squats to bicep curls, social media gives you procrastinate time. If you lack time in your day elsewhere than scale some of your time back by reducing your scrolling during a workout.  Time wasting on taking selfies in gym mirrors can also kill your intensity.

4 - Others will become frustrated with you.

Workout rage is real.  If you are wasting time on your phone and taking over equipment just to sit and scroll people around you will be annoyed.  Be respectful to others around you and their time!

5 - You can potentially injure yourself.

We've all seen people walking into street poles or falling into holes because they are watching their phones.  I'm sure you have.  Well regardless if you workout in a gym or outdoors you can potentially injure yourself if your scrolling and working out.  Learn to keep working out and social media separate to keep yourself safe.

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It's pretty obvious when we see people using phones in a workout that they aren't giving 100%.  If you truely want results then get off the phone and focus on giving your all to your workout. 

So without further to do... put down the phone, get motivated and start smashing your fitness goals!

Until next time,

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