Spice up your training

Spice up your training and stay motivated.

Spice up your workouts and stay motivated this winter to keep motivated and on track with your fitness goals.  There is good reason why fitness professionals will change up your training program on a regular basis.  Boredom can almost guarantee that you will lose all interest in your goals and fitness gains.

Fitness can mean so much more then just hitting the gym.  Working your way around the machine and weights area day after day can become stale and boring.  Thinking outside the box will help re-inspire you and keep you on track with your fitness.

Our list below will give you some great ideas for fitness in Melbourne to help spice up your training.


Top 5 fun fitness ideas to do in and around Melbourne

1: Running the Tan  

It’s long been home to the Shrine of Remembrance, but this 3.8km is a good inner city running trail.  Mix up running the set trail with weaving your way in and around the botanical gardens with unlimited amounts of well maintained pathways.  The tan running track and the botanical gardens are both dog friendly!  Be sure to take your best mate with you and let them enjoy the beautiful surroundings too.

2: Indoor Rock Climbing  

Challenge your all over body strength by trying this fun indoor activity.  It might be cold outside, but this type of exercise is guaranteed to heat you up and give you a whole body workout.  With a few different locations around Melbourne your guaranteed to have a good time!

3: Ice Skating 

Balance, Skill and an awesomely great leg burning session!  Docklands provides the best skating rink in Melbourne so try something different and pop on some skates and try out some new skills.  Fun will ignite your insides when you put that first step onto the ice.

Whoosh Group Fitness Training
Group training is great for all fitness levels!

4: 1000 Steps  

The scenery is beautiful and the stairs provide a great leg and calf workout.  So why not get out into the great outdoors just 35mins from Melbourne CBD.  This walking trail is popular on weekends so make sure you get there early!  If the stairs don’t provide a big enough challenge then flip the circuit and try jogging/walking up the trail instead of the stairs.  Good variety for any fitness level.

5: Go jumping on a Trampoline  

It’s good fun and great fitness!  Get involved with work colleagues, friends or take your kids along.  With rope challenges, trampolines and obstacle courses these trampoline centres are a scene of fun and fitness combined!  Be prepared to laugh hard and let your inner child out.

By spicing up your training and doing something different I can guarantee it will keep you far more motivated for your day to day practices at the gym.  Sometimes jumping outside of the box is a great thing to help inspire you to do different things and test your limitations in different ways.

Until next time, get out there and have fun with your fitness.

Be Inspired | Be Inspiring | Never give up!

Brenton Wells

fitness director
Founder @WhooshFitness