How to stay Healthy this Summer

Create longstanding healthy life changes

Staying healthy can be hard.  Especially in summer due to our social catch ups with friends and family, bbq's, drinks and too much food.  But why is summer one of the best months to get fit and stay healthy?  One of the main reasons summer is so good to get fit is because of the weather.  With it typically being sunny and warm with longer daylight hours, early morning and late evening workouts are a great way to stay healthy.  

Because of this, summer allows you plenty of time to incorporate new changes into your life that you can take with you through into autumn and winter.  These changes will help to keep you on track even when the weather and temps are not favourable.  Creating great healthy life habits is the key to success.  Below we have some great ways on how you can stay healthy this Summer and create real change in your life. 

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Complete a minimum of 30mins of exercise daily

If you aren't one for moving very much then it's time to get off that bum and get out there to do some exercise.  No one is asking you to run a marathon. Going for a 30min walk with a friend or with the dog can do wonders for not only your overall fitness but your mental health too. 

​Drink a minimum of 3L of water daily

Hydration in summer is key to ensuring your body is feeling fresh and hydrated.  Most people tend to drink less fluids in winter, however you really should keep up your fluids regardless of the season and temps.  Keeping your body hydrated assists with your bodies internal health along with helping your skin look fresh and healthy.

Cut down on the Alcohol

The beauty about summer is you can enjoy drinks with friends that don't even need alcohol.  You can enjoy a big fruity mocktail using fruits and herbs you enjoy mixed up with ice and sparkling water.  Not only is it low calorie and healthy, but the water will also aid extra hydration.  You also won't wake up feeling awful and hungover.

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Start creating good food choices

We aren't saying you need to cut everything out and just eat chicken and broccoli.  But creating good healthy food can be fun and super yummy.  It's the time of year that you can get really creative with salads.  Try adding some mango or nectarine to shake up a usual boring lettuce, tomato and cucumber combo.  Create good eating habits in summer and these habit changes will help to carry you through the cooler months by keeping you on track. 

Try something new with your fitness

If you're feeling a little bored with your current fitness routine try something new.  You don't need to give up completely on your current workout routine because it's most likely still doing great things for you.  However you can spice up training by committing yourself to achieving a run, stand up paddle boarding, indoor rock climbing etc.  Sometimes a change of routine will re-engage your focus for your training and either keep you or get you back on track.

We hope you can take some of these tips on board to help keep you fit and healthy for summer.  Just remember any small changes you make that can become habit will be key to your success.

Stay fit and health until next time,

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