Hotel Breakfast Buffet Survival

Survival of the hotel breakfast buffet

What is your survival plan to save you from the dreaded hotel breakfast buffet?  For many people in the corporate world air travel is unavoidable which secondly means hotels and hotel foods.  While your away from home, these short stints are super easy to lose track with your food and fitness.  So how do you manage to stay on track on trips away?

Getting off track can happen quickly without you even realising.  From having a smoothie for breakfast normally to then suddenly swapping that out  for bacon, eggs and a hash brown then trouble could be on your horizon.

It’s achievable to eat well, even at a hotel breakfast buffet.  So what are the best food options for breakfast?  Here are our tips for what you should be eating for breakfast while your away for work.

Our top 5 tips for a healthy breakfast at a hotel style buffet

1.  Stay away from the deep fried foods

It always looks so tempting, that yummy looking bacon, the scrambled eggs, the hash browns.  I can see you all licking your lips right now.  Having deep fried options are the quickest way to de-rail your food and calorie intake.  It doesn’t seem that much, however add 300-400 more calories each morning over 2-3 days and your talking a whole extra day of calories consumed just at breakfast.

2.  Eat the fresh foods

Most hotel buffets have them, the fruit bowls right down the other end of the food bar.  That’s where you should be heading to keep your midsection on track whilst away.  Make yourself up a yummy fruit salad and add a dab of plain yoghurt onto the top for added calcium intake.  Grab another piece of fruit at the end of breakfast to take with you for your mid morning snack.  Skip the mid morning treats that are provided and bite into a crunchy apple instead!


3.  Stay away from the sugary cereals

The usual cereal suspects will be found at hotels.  Coco pops, rice bubbles, fruit loops, nutri-grain.  Don’t go there!   The 4 baddies above are full of sugar, artificial sweeteners and crap.  Always head towards the natural oats or muesli if you’re going to choose cereal to start the day. The benefits of extra protein from the oats along with lower sugar will keep you feeling fuller for longer which will reduce your snack cravings.

4.  Have a grain bread instead of white

If you’re going to enjoy some toast for breakfast always choose the bread full of grains.  The grains are not only full of goodness for you, but they will give you extra energy and be higher in protein.  It will help to keep you feeling satisfied and stop you from wanting to snack. With this in mind be careful on what you choose to put on your toast.  Jams and spreads are full of sugar so you should use these sparingly and scrambled eggs are usually full of cream.  Choose a poached egg or go for a tablespoon of peanut butter for the best options to place on your toast.

5.  Stay away from yoghurt’s with added fruit syrups and flavourings

Yoghurts with these toppings and flavourings can actually be just as bad as having a glass of soft drink.  When choosing a good yoghurt you are best to go with the plain vanilla with no added sweeteners.  This will ensure you are getting the goodness from the calcium and dairy without consuming high amounts of added sugar.

So the key is honestly to not go crazy just because you aren’t at home.  Making smart healthy choices will be 100 times better for your waist line, but will also leave you feeling good for the day ahead.  Don’t de-rail all your hard work just because getting pre-cooked bacon and hash browns seem to be the easiest option.  It all comes down to your choices and your motivation to stay on track.  If you want to achieve your goals bad enough, you will stay on track regardless of the temptations in front of you!

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Brenton Wells

fitness director
Founder @WhooshFitness