How to survive this years social events

Survival - Keep your fitness on track through the social season

Stop...Think...What are you doing?  That's usually what your mind is telling you when you're about to punish some drinks at this years social events.  You go in feeling strong willed and planning on only have 1 or 2 and somehow end up nearly paralytic by the end of the evening.  How did you go from enjoying a couple of drinks to being the raver and headliner of the party?

Not to mention the day after... how's that head going for you?  Thumping headache?  Need some unhealthy food?  Most of us have all been there.  It's no secret that in Australia we utilise alcohol as an enjoyment tool when catching up with friends.  But how much of the good work are you undoing when you're throwing back some drinks.  

Check out our survival guide below on how to not only enjoy yourself but not sabotage your health and fitness this silly season!

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Our survival guide to get you through silly season

1. Stay Well Hydrated

No we don't mean getting more alcohol drinks.  Staying hydrated with water in-between beverages will keep your body functioning better.  It will slow down how much alcohol you are drinking.  You will wake up the next day in a much better state without any headaches (hopefully).

2. Learn to realise your limit

One of the hardest parts of partying with friends is learning how to realise you've had enough and how to say no.  You might cop a little bit of flack from your friends at the time, but guaranteed you'll be the winner the following day.  Trust us, when you're not laying in bed feeling like your dying with the world spinning you will begin to understand why saying no is a GOOD thing in beating the party hangover. 

3. Drinking usually increase food intake

It's no surprise that when we are drinking with friends usually you will be reaching for more snacks in between chats and drinks.  It's all these 'extra' calories that are usually unaccounted for.  Consuming an extra 1000-2000 extra calories is very easy to do with snack foods which means BAM there goes your hard work for the last 2 days of training.  Try to choose a healthy option at the snack table.  If your friends are notorious for only having unhealthy snacks be a sport and bring your own healthy platter along for the ride!

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4. Do you need to goto every event?  

If you're someone that ends up overrun by invites to events over the summer months maybe it's time to start being a little more selective?  Do you need to attend every single event that you are invited to?  If it's a yes then we suggest creating a game plan.  Choose which events you're going to go and enjoy some drinks at and others where you are happy to drink and stick to sparkling water instead of champagne.  Being selective can definitely keep your fitness on track this season. 

5. Have a sneaky exit strategy planned.

People understand that the summer months are usually busy for everyone's social calendars.  But having an exit strategy planned for the party allows you to go and be social but call it before it gets messy.  The reality is by time the party is starting to get a little messy no one will probably notice if you aren't there for the rest of the evening.  So have a plan.  Have a pre organised pick up or another reason why you must leave at a certain time.  

It is possible to be social, not end up with a hangover AND keep your fitness goals on track.  It's just about staying in control and having the strength and nerve to say no.  Knowing when enough is enough is the key to waking up fresh the next day and not feeling the ill effects of a dirty hangover. 

Stay strong over the party period, keep focused on your fitness and enjoy the balance of spending time with friends and loved ones. 

Until next time,

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- Brenton Wells

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