Feeling tired? Try these tips for a better nights sleep

Sleep is important for your overall health

We dare you to ask anyone how they're feeling and guaranteed 50% of people will say they feel tired.  This isn't a myth, it's the world in which we now live.  You hit that slump in the afternoon, or you just generally struggle to get out of bed.  There is nothing worse than getting a bad sleep and feeling drained when you wake.  In celebration of Sleep Awareness week we thought it be a good idea to give you all some tips on how to get a better night of shut eye. 

Did you also know that by not getting enough sleep it can actually affect weight loss?  That's right!  If you're wanting to lose weight, sleep is a hugely important factor in achieving your goals.  Getting a good nights sleep will also help to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.  So there are many positives in getting a great night of rest.

Check out our top tips below to help you get a good night's sleep!

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#1 - Leave your technology in a different room!

We know you hear it time and time again.  But why doesn't anyone do it?  You're asleep right... so who needs their phone sitting 30cm from their head all night.  Phones, iPads, tv's all stimulate the mind.  If you're wanting to prepare for a good nights sleep, don't use your devices as your trying to wind down for the day.  

#2 - Be consistent in your wake and sleep times daily.

Having a regular pattern in your sleeping cycle is important to getting a good sleep.  Your body aligns itself with sunrise and sunset, so trying to be consistent with waking and going to bed at these times will be good for your health.  You may even find after a few weeks you won't even need an alarm to wake you!

#3 - Ease back on your alcohol intake.

Alcohol can de-stabilise your hormones.  This can end up causing a negative affect on your sleep.  It can end up causing sleep apnea, snoring and interrupted sleep.  Getting off the booze can help you definitely get a better rest. 

#4 - Enjoy a consistent temperature in your bedroom.

The optimum temp for your bedroom during the night sits around 17-20degrees.  Obviously this can be different depending on the person, but most studies have shown this is the best temp to get a good nights sleep.  Just think about summer and when you struggle to get to sleep when it's warm.  This shows that if your room isn't a comfortable temperature it could cause a light sleep or constantly waking due to being uncomfortable. 

#5 - Exercise can assist in a better sleep

Getting exercise into your day can assist in better sleep.  This is due to the exercise wearing out your body so it's ready to sleep and recharge.  However, exercising right before bed can make it harder to sleep.  So if you intend to train in the evening, plan to get home, enjoy a hot shower, relax and calm the body before hitting the sheets. 

As you can see a lot of these tips seem pretty obvious, however it's usually the obvious things that as humans we don't do.  So if you struggle to sleep or get to sleep why not try one or all of these tips to get yourself feeling rested and fresh.  Don't expect success in night one.  You will need to work at being consistent at the tips above.  But what we can tell you is once you do get that first night of good sleep you are going to feel like a rockstar!

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