Wearable technology, is it really all what it’s cracked up to be?

Is wearable technology going to make you fit?

Wearable technology seems to be the “in craze” but is wearing a technology wrist band going to make you fit?  It’s certainly a great thing that people are starting to realise how sedentary their lives have become.  By now I would say most of us have heard about the 10,000 step challenges going around.  In short…you wear your fitbit, apple watch wrist bands and you monitor the data in regards to distance and steps you’ve tracked across a day.  The technology alerts you when you’ve reached daily set targets and also let’s you know when you’re not moving enough.

However, if you’re wanting to lose weight and maintain that fitness is 10,000 steps going to help you with this?  Of course it will because every extra step you’re taking is increasing calorie burn and keeping your body moving.  If you’re wanting to accelerate towards your goals whilst using technology what do those steps look like?

Here’s our top 5 ways of continuing to accelerate your fitness goals utilising technology

       1.    Ensure 3000-4000 steps are utilised for increasing your heart rate.

10,000 steps per day is absolutely achievable for everyone, but how do you  maximise these steps to get the best bang for your buck?  If you’re going to the effort of increasing your step count then why not try and convert 3000-4000 of these steps into a light jog or a fast walk on your lunch break.  Not only will your steps be ticking over but the benefits to increasing your heart rate and sweating will be profound for your body and overall health!

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2.   The more active we are the more we tend to eat.

It seems crazy doesn’t it that the basis of doing more steps is to become healthier and fitter, but yet so many people use fitness as a reward system to eat more.  From sneaking in that chocolate, having that glass of wine with dinner you need to understand that these sneaky rewards are pretty much cancelling out what you’re trying to achieve with your fitness.  If you want true results then you need to be focused and ready to make change.

       3.   Try and up your target to 12000-15000 steps a day.

If your goal is losing weight then keep your standard 10,000 steps as a ‘move more’ goal.  But add in extra steps for your fast brisk walk or light jog.  This will help to accelerate your weight loss, keep you on track and will leave you feeling much happier and healthier.  Not only will it help you lose weight more quickly, but you will most likely find you will be getting a better nights sleep because your body will also be ready to rest.  It’s really a win win scenario.

       4.   Ensure you are eating good wholesome fresh foods.

If you’re going to stick to just 10,000 steps a day then it’s also time to get your food intake on track!  It’s much easier to eat more calories then you burn simply by what you choose to eat.  You may potentially burn 250-350 calories with the extra steps you’re adding into your day.  By choosing to sneak a 15g freddo frog @80 calories then you can see how quickly you can derail your goals.  Eat more vegetables and fruit to ensure your body is fuelled with the right nutrients to keep you healthy!


       5.   Wearable Technology can be expensive… Do you really need to purchase them?

Simply no you don’t.  Most people have a smart phone which can easily track distance.  You just need to work out how many brisk steps you take in 100m and work out your step count for your full length walk based on this number.  It’s exactly the same process that your wearable technology is doing for you.  However, you’re not having to outlay the $$$’s to purchase the wrist bands in the first place.

In conclusion yes wearable technology is good for a lot of people to help keep them on track.  If you’re determined to start a weight loss journey or even just maintain a healthy weight you can achieve this without needing to purchase expensive wrist trackers.  You know your body and you know what your fuelling your body with in the way of food choices.  Provide your body with the correct fuel and listen to how you’re feeling and the rest will naturally happen!  Walking an extra lap around the block of an evening will create difference in your life!

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Brenton Wells

fitness director
Fitness Director @WhooshFitness