What are good and bad carbs?

Are Carbohydrates all built the same?

Considered getting on board the Low Carb diet hype?  Not sure what it really means and how to go about achieving it?  Well over the coming article we are going to de-mystify what a low carb diet actually means, why they work and how to get started.  It isn't for the faint hearted though.  No different to rolling back sugar consumption in your life, reducing carbs can also leave you feeling a little tired and flat for a few days until your body works out what's going on. 

Primarily when we talk about carbs there is 3 main types of Carbohydrates.  They are Complex Starchy Carbs, Complex Fibrous Carbs and Simple Starchy Carbs.  So you can probably now already tell that not ALL carbs are made the same.  Nor are they all good for you, so it's a good idea to learn the differences between them all.  Some are high in calories, some low and some are good and bad for you.  

The problem is when people talk carbs they instantly think a carb means all the same things which they don't.

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Try and stay away from all things white... white bread, rice pasta etc.

What is a simple starchy carb?

To put it bluntly, if you're wanting to lose weight understanding simple starchy carbs are a must.  But like these 3 overall carbs groups, not all simple carbs are good and bad for you.  Fructose and Lactose are both good simple carbs.  Fructose is found in fruits and lactose found in milk and dairy.  Although better to still be eaten in moderation, these 2 forms of carbs are not bad for you.  

The simple starchy carb that screams danger is sugar (Sucrose).  If weight loss is your major goal then we advise you to stay away from sugar as much as possible!

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What is a complex starchy carb?

Complex starchy carbs still contain sugar, however the sugar molecule that's joined together forms a longer chain of complexity.  The problem is most people like to consume the 'white' carbs for example white rice, bread which is a refined carb.  A complex carb are items like peas, beans, wholegrain etc. 

When we refine a complex carb it takes all the fibre out of the item.  So brown rice to white rice, brown breads to white breads.  The problem is when we do this it makes the item more like a simple carb.  So if you can try to stick to the original grain product.  It will keep you feeling fuller for longer and has more nutrients and minerals in the item.

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Complex Fibrous Carbs

These are the good guys!  Typically rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and full of fibre this group of carbs are the way to go if you're needing good foods in your diet.  Vegetables are what primarily make up this group of carbs.  Vegetables help keep the digestive system running and they are usually all low in calories.  You can rarely ever overeat and consume too many calories in vegetables because of their low calorie base.  Not to mention how good they keep your body functioning. 

BROWN is BOLD, GREEN is GOOD, WHITE is BAD (apart from cauliflower).  If you look at foods in this way then you will be well on track to eating the right foods and more importantly the correct carbs in your diet.  

Knowing the differences between the carb groups can truely make a huge difference in how your weight loss or fitness journey progresses. 

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