When was your last rest day?

Why Rest Days are Important

It may come a surprise to many people that may have just started new workouts that rest days are important.  As trainers we want people to always give 100% in sessions.  The problem is if you aren't resting properly you're going to struggle always giving your all.  You may start to feel tired, run down or even become sick.  Listening to your body is a hugely important lesson to learn. 

But what does a rest day actually mean?  Does it mean you need to sit like a blob in front of the TV for the day or just laze around the house or in bed?  Definitely not!  Rest days are designed to allow your body to recharge, heal and become stronger.  It doesn't however mean it's a day of doing nothing.  Going for an easy walk or getting the dog out of the house for a stroll to the park or even just a casual walk down the beach are all great ways to enjoy a rest day.

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How to make rest days work in your favour

There are many things that go into enjoying your rest day to ensure your body is fighting fit.  Especially if you're new to training then rest days are more important than what you think.  Resistance training creates tears in your muscles (which is normal to help create growth and strength).  Rest days will allow your body to repair these tears to ensure you become stronger, more toned and fitter. There is also some other things you can do to ensure you aid the body in recovery. 

So we've compiled a great "rest day list" for you to have a read of and enjoy placing into your own schedule!

Drink plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is key to helping to repair the body.  Try enjoying at least 2-3L of water per day.

Enjoy some Active Rest

Go for a walk, swim or even do a foam rolling session.  Light exercise is good to keep the blood flowing through your system and helping promote extra oxygen intake into your blood.

Get a massage

If you're new to training you're probably feeling really sore.  Book yourself in for a massage to help release the tightness of your muscles.

Have a warm bath or shower

Enjoying either of these will help to calm the mind and help soothe any sore muscles.  If you're having a bath then try adding some bath salts or oils to help improve further relaxation and muscle repair.

Keep your nutrition on point

Eating healthy will continue to help give your muscles and body the nutrients it requires to stay fit, healthy and improvements in strength with less soreness.

So if you're training 5-6 days a week ensure you are scheduling in at least 1 rest day to let your body recover.  It's good for your overall mind, body, health and wellbeing.  Couple your day off with our tips above and your body is on it's way to being the best well oiled machine it can be. 

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