Why are you scared of Health and Fitness?

Why does your past keep haunting you?

Personal trainers can make clients sweat, that's what we do.  However the big achievements are when we can tap in to why our clients are the way they are now.  What's happened in your life? Why did you stop exercising?  What bad memories or scars are you carrying around from your past?  

On many occasions bringing up a certain exercise will bring back those scared memories.  Bringing out these bad memories can leave clients feeling unsure, scared and even quite vulnerable.  In the flip side there is no better time to be hitting those thoughts and concerns head on.  Being an adult can be a really motivating and powerful time in your life to tackle your previous fears. 

These feelings of vulnerability can leave clients feeling scared, de-motivated and unsure of when or how to get on top of their fitness. 

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What makes you feel scared of the past?

For some people it could be running around an oval, attempting the beep test, high jumping or even swimming.  How many of you just had thoughts of primary or high school come flooding straight back just hearing some of those exercises or fitness tests?  As personal trainers we also experience some of these feelings that you are going through.

Knowing if you've found the right PT for you is a big thing.  You will know you have the right PT if they are understanding towards your concerns.  They will help to motivate and guide you through these exercises again and be there for you as long term support.  

So what is there to be scared of?  Maybe it's the time in your life to take your fears head on.  Only then can you truely move forward and head towards your goals.  You will also feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Group Fitness and Personal Training is great in adulthood because you will not suffer the same issues as your school years.  You won't be taunted or teased, but instead you will be supported and encouraged by people all wanting to achieve similar goals. 

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Don't let your fears stop you from your achieving your goals.  Whoosh Fitness can help!

What will make you feel great?

1. Giving it your best shot

Over come your fear and give it your best shot.  There's nothing like killing a feeling from the past by re-visiting the situation again and give it your all. 

2. Don't let anything hold you back

Live life today!  Stop worrying about what happened in the past or what may happen in the future.  Live life day by day and give everything a go!

3. Be confident within yourself

Give yourself the ok and authority to be confident in yourself.  You have made it to today by everything that's happened in the past.  So take everything on board, the good, the bad and stand by it.  It's what's made you who you are today so take pride in it. 

4. Don't let others judgements stop you from giving it a go

Teens and children can be mean, but as an adult you can make a choice.  Don't let other's opinions stop you from giving everything a go.  It's time to start living.

By changing your mindset you truely can change your future for the best.  So don't dwell on past feelings and start focusing on what you're going to achieve in the future.  Yes things can be challenging and scary, but even if you don't get to the finish line at least you've given it a go.  Because giving something a go is always better than feeling the guilt afterwards of skimping out of a chance to push through your fears.

Until next time,

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- Brenton Wells

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