Winter and cold? Yeah … and?

You can beat the cold!

Ok so all your friends are making their way to Europe.  You have to sit by watching (being jealous) seeing their social media.  It just doesn't seem fair does it?  Pictures of the warm oceans of the Mediterranean.  Selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower or laying on beaches around the Greek islands.  Don't you just want to throw everything in and go on an adventure too!  Sadly some of us are still stuck here in Australia where the weather is dramatically cooler. 

We want to sleep for longer hours.  Potentially even skip some workouts because of the weather.  I mean damn, the credit card has needed to come out to wipe the windscreen in the mornings!  However, you CAN beat the cold!  Most people let themselves go over winter.  But at Whoosh we think it's the time to get motivated and get to the other side of winter being the fittest and healthiest version of you. 

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How to stay motivated during winter.

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself on track and motivated for winter.  Here's our best hacks on getting through winter fitter and stronger!

1.  Set clear goals - 

Know exactly where you want to be at the end of winter.  This will help to keep you on track.  Having exact goals will always help you with motivation.  Goals like - being fit for a holiday or taking your clothes off at the beach are always good motivators.

2.  Invest in warm clothes -

Know how to dress for outdoor workouts when the weather is cool.  Our biggest tip is to ensure you know how to dress in layers.  Each layer with a unique material will help to keep you dry and warm.  Also by utilising layers as you get warmer you can remove a layer as required. 

3.  Eating well to fend off any viruses - 

Keeping your body in fine fighting order will help to keep you healthy this Winter.  Filling your meals with plenty of vegetables and recommended intakes of daily fruit will give your body it's required nutrients.  In turn this will help to keep you fit, healthy and fighting off any potential threats of sickness. 

4.  Train with a friend or get involved in group fitness - 

Training with a friend will help to keep you more motivated.  It's a given that you don't like to let a friend down.  So if you have an agreement you are more likely to stick to it with them. 

5.  Keep up with your fluids - 

People assume that because the weather is cooler and you don't crave water that you can decrease your intake.  We would recommend you still aim for 2-3L of water consumption per day.  Water helps to keep your body hydrated and well flushed which will help with your performance in workouts. 

6.  No excuses policy - 

Work out a non negotiable policy with yourself.  If you're going to skip your workout what is the consequence?  Maybe it's a fully alcohol free weekend, no eating out for the rest of the week.  Anything that is a potential love in your life is a good object to use as your no excuse policy. 

Keep Going!

We completely understand how hard winter is for motivation.  Seeing your friends living up amazing weather overseas just adds that little bit more of a dagger.  However... don't let this stop you from forging the very best version of you this winter.  That way you can have the most confident and adventurous spring/summer coming your way in not too many weeks time!

Until next time... 

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- Brenton Wells

Found Whoosh Fitness

Founder @WhooshFitness