10 Points to Balance your Life

So here’s the dilemma… you are totally into your fitness – you run, you gym, you’re active but your partner is just not that into it. How do you balance your life (work,fitness, family, partner, friends, social outings) so everything doesn’t just implode in your face.

Here’s my 10 points on how to keep all the people and things in your life balanced and in check.

1: Make sure your partner knows your goals and why you are wanting to achieve them.

2: Understand what your partner and friends expectations are and like yourself, ensure you know your partners goals.

3: Ensure that you have downtime and special time with the one you love, if you want your fitness time to be respected then understanding that having “chill out” time with your loved one will ensure they stay sane through your training program. They will show far more understanding in regards to your fitness time and why you are so dedicated to achieve your goals.

4: Have a cheat meal out with your partner and don’t feel guilty about it… at the end of the day you still need to live and enjoy life! Enjoy the time with the people that care and mean something to you.

5: Plan Plan Plan.. If you don’t plan your week so it’s well balanced there is zero chance that it will ever be balanced. You will continue to keep chasing your tail and trying to keep everyone happy, not to mention feeling exhausted in the process.

6: Be prepared to make a spontaneous dinner as a surprise to say thank you for their understanding.

7: If you’re going for a massage because your body is sore from treading the pavement or lifting heavy… make it special and book one for that special someone at the same time. #extrabrowniepoints

8: Figure out what your partner and friends like to do fitness wise, it may not be at the same level as you… however taking the time out on dialling down your intensity to do a social catch up over a different level of activity is always a great thing! Go for a walk, walk the dog, head down to the beach for a stroll.

9: Explore new fitness options… maybe it’s something your partner might already be into or might get a ‘thing’ for. Try a yoga session, pilates, indoor rock climbing etc.. it may also be a lot harder then what you think.

10: If all else fails a bunch of flowers as you walk in through the door will always go a long mile 😉

So there you have it.. my quick 10 pointers in how to keep balance in your busy life whilst keeping everyone happy and loved!

The Whoosh Team 🙂