6 Tips on how to stay in control this Easter!

Here come’s the bunny and along with it’s happy bouncing you know there is baskets full of chocolate on their way.  WATCH OUT WAISTLINE!!

We dread the thought of it, knowing we are going to get showered with chocolate eggs everywhere,  however… secretly we can’t wait to eat some much loved chocolate and write it off as “well it’s just the time of year”.   So here’s some tips to get through Easter without killing all of your hard work and training in the process. Stay Guilt Free!

  1.  Moderation… if you end up with 10 eggs, give some away.  Do you really need all of it? In the process maybe you’ll make someone else really happy with receiving a gift this Easter.  Give one to your favourite Barista you see every morning, think outside the box of your usual crew, it’ll make the giving feel so much more worth while.
  2. Put it in the fridge.  Being cold and solid it’ll take you longer to eat it, so will hopefully stop the temptation of wanting to eat the whole bunny in one go.
  3. Change up the choices of eggs you give.  Most easter eggs have far more sugar in them than a normal choc bar or block of chocolate.  This is why they taste sooooo sweet (but oh so good).  But if you like a standard everyday chocolate go for that over a big sweet bunny.
  4. If friends and family are always big chocolate givers, change it up this year… let them know to give you a non food gift for easter.  Maybe pay the entrant fee to your fav running/cycling event of the year etc.. this will help keep you far more motivated over the period.
  5. When you’re catching up with friends and family over the holiday, always have some healthy options available.  A nice fresh fruit platter etc.
  6. After Easter is over… GET RID OF THE EXCESS.  If it’s there it will be purely a temptation that will sit in your mind until it’s all gone.  You’ll be able to say no until you get home from a bad or stressful day and then boom, you know what’s gonna happen (Chocolate go bye bye) then you will feel so guilty afterwards and will mentally harm your program and training.

Sure it’s easy to write the tips, and harder to put into action.  However if you’re serious about staying on track this Easter, it’s about balance and not over indulgence.  Move more, go for an extra couple of walks/jogs/gym sessions, choose what you’re putting in your mouth more wisely, enjoy a little treat here and there and enjoy the company of family of friends.  Stay safe and just remember BALANCE is the key!

Happy Easter All!! 🙂

Whoosh Team