Your bathroom scales are lying to you!

If you’ve got a new set of bathroom scales on this year’s Christmas list, scrub it out right now and replace it with something that you’re going to actually enjoy using!

TV programs and the ‘dieting industry’ have a lot to answer for in feeding our obsession with jumping on a set of scales every day and hoping that the number we see is less than the one we saw the day before. We’ve all been conditioned to think that measuring ourselves against some mystery number is the way we measure our health or fitness, and doing anything we need to do to get down to that mystery number is the key to overcoming all our insecurities.

But, unless we’re willing to invest the time and money in going to have a full professional body scan, then your standard set of bathroom scales really aren’t going to tell you anything useful. Because that ‘mystery’ number we’re all aiming for is honestly quite fickle. Most of the time, the weight loss goals we set for ourselves are based on an unrealistic and simply unattainable vision of our ‘perfect’ self. Focusing only on that physical number will only achieve one thing for certain: you’ll become increasingly more obsessed with how far away you are from it!

So, if scales aren’t your friend (and I promise you they aren’t), how do you figure out if your overweight, and how much of that weight do you need to lose to become the healthiest version of yourself?

Here’s our FIVE STEPS to setting yourself on the right path to achieving health and fitness WITHOUT using those bathroom scales…

1 – Get a trusted friend to take a few ‘before’ photos of you (and I’m talking those photos with your kit off, right down to your underwear)! You’ll need a friend because you’ll want to be sure to capture all your nearly naked glory –front on, side profile, and the ‘does my butt look big in this’ back photo. Photos are great for two reasons, firstly, you’ll have a visual reminder of why you’re on this fitness journey and, two, because you’ll be able to visually see the changes happening with your body as you make progress.

2 – Progress photos! We want you to compare your progress, so you’ll need to get that trusty friend back to take a fresh set of photos every month or so. But no more often than that! There’s no sense in overcoming the obsession with daily weigh-ins, if you’re simply shifting that obsession to daily sessions in front of the mirror looking for changes. Remember, everything takes time!

3 – Complete a strength/cardio test every 4 to 6 weeks. Many of us struggle to see the physical changes that are occurring to our body shape, especially in the initial stages of our fitness journey. If you can do ten more push-ups without stopping than the last test, or you smash out one more burpee or you can run an extra 10 meters in the same time, then your body is getting stronger and fitter. This should give you the motivation to keep your training and food choices on track. So, book in time with your PT to have these tests done.

4 – Have a professional measure your body. So, each time your PT is doing your strength/cardio test, why not ask them to get the measuring tape out too? This is a terrific way to see changes at planned intervals in your journey, even if you don’t think your body is changing, a professional PT will be able to show you the progress you’re making.

5 – Are your clothes starting to feel a little looser? A sure sign that you’re heading in the right direction is how you feel in your clothes. Are they starting to get a bit baggier? Does your belt need to tighten an extra notch? Are you reaching for a smaller size now when you’re heading to the fitting room? Just imagine how great that will make you feel and the motivation it will give you to keep you moving forward on your journey!
Changes don’t happen overnight but they do happen. You must give your body the time to change. Too many of us give up in the first few weeks because we’re not seeing that ‘mystery number’ changing on the scales. But those all-important physical changes really don’t become noticeable until we’re about 8-12 weeks into our journey. We owe it to ourselves to give it all we can on this journey to a happier and fitter life. So, don’t give up! Give these five steps a crack and you’ll soon see that you’re on your way to loving the skin you’re in.

With love,

Team Whoosh 🙂