Bring on a Positive Mind

A Positive Attitude and Positive Mind is the BEST Training Partner you need!

Let’s face it, having a training partner is great. They help with motivation when you’re feeling a little flat, they can help you increase your weights and help you push your body further and it’s great to have a laugh with someone who just ‘gets’ you.

But what happens if your schedule is the opposite to most of your mates, which means your training at times of the day when no one is free to sweat it out with you. So it’s down to you and yourself. So can you be just as motivated and stay on track even if no one is a physically training with you?

This is where your attitude and mind come into play! It is 100% achievable to be solo, motivated, on point and pumping out a great session. But to get to this point you really need to ensure that you have spent the time working on your mind to get it into the right place. You’re probably asking… sure what does he know about this? Well I am this person, I’m working out when everyone else is at work/uni/travelling etc, so I’ve had to learn how to keep myself motivated and on track with my own self. The mind is super powerful and you need to get it on the same page as your feelings to feel it’s full strength.

Once your mind is understanding you, those inner thoughts will start to change and instead of telling yourself to stay in bed longer, it’ll be saying GET UP, get into it, workout, sweat, because it’s going to make you feel bloody awesome!

So how do you get your mind to this point? We all have days where we just aren’t feeling it but how can you get your attitude and your mind to help you over come these flat feelings?

Here’s our top 4 tips on how to change your attitude and get your mind on track.

1: Don’t allow yourself to accept second best. If you want to be fit and or healthy you need to think fit and healthy. Do you think a runner, swimmer dreams of being overweight? Highly doubtful, they have promises and goals and have trained their mind to be “do’ers”. This way, even when they don’t feel like training, you have your best mate ‘your mind’ working on your side telling you to just get going and do it.

2: Don’t forget to smile throughout your day. Be happy to others and smile! This is the quickest way to have an attitude change. Having a positive attitude will help to also encourage your mind over time to be positive in your head, rather than little mr negative.

3: Help to motivate your mind. Don’t let it tell you that you “can’t” do something. Be positive to your mind and tell it… C’mon you can do this, Encourage it to give it a go. You will be absolutely surprised at what it will achieve when it sits in the realm of positivity.

4: Laugh at your mind when it tells you negative things. No different to someone laughing at you and how it makes you feel, if you laugh at your negative thoughts your mind will start to understand that this isn’t how you want it to be. It will start to change it’s own focus over time to getting on board with you!

Don’t let other things that get in your way rule your life. If you can get your mind on track, along with altering your attitude and really focus you can change your mind and motivation levels for the better and find that training solo isn’t so bad after all. When you’ve done a good workout, mentally say thanks to your mind for motivation, telling yourself well done and being positive with yourself will massively change your feelings and confidence about yourself, so not only will it benefit you but will also benefit your mind in the long run!

With Love,
The Whoosh Team 🙂