Do you need a Wintervention?

What’s a wintervention all about?

It’s winter… It’s cold… It’s windy… It’s wet… How does this make you feel? Would I be right in saying that your motivation levels are at an all-time low? If you’re anything like me, you’d probably prefer to hibernate as much as possible over these winter months.

If you’re caught in this trap, it’s definitely time for a WINTERVENTION!

Easier said than done right? So here’s, our top five tips to kick yourself into action with a wintervention!

1- It’s cold outside and you may want to stay cuddled up in bed and simply ignore the fact that you know you should be exercising. Well guess what?!? It’s time for you to get your ass into gear and get training. Spring is just around the corner (no seriously, we’re less than a month from spring), which also means… Summer is coming! Get Ready Now!

2- Kill your winter blues by giving your body a natural hit of endorphins. There’s no easier way to start feeling amazing than by getting your body moving, your heart pumping and your lungs puffing in the fresh air. It creates amazing chemical reactions in your body that sends it into a literal happy overdrive. Endorphins will get you happy, keep your stress levels lower and allow you to really focus on the day ahead with clarity.

3- Make sure you plan! Don’t leave your wintervention to chance or you’ll find yourself making excuses like ‘I don’t have time this morning’ or ‘I didn’t wash my workout clothes’. And this isn’t just about planning your wintervention training, you also need to put in some planning for your grocery shopping. If you’re going to get out there and train in these winter months, then don’t let that hard work come undone with poor food choices. Plan some great healthy choices so your lunches are prepped in advance and your evening meals leave you feeling satisfied. Follow our Whoosh Fitness Facebook page so you get our regular vlogs and tips around ‘real’ meals that you can do yourself at home.

4- Keep your motivation high, by not trying to go it alone. Train with likeminded people and maybe even make some super cool new friends while you’re at it. I’ll let you in on a little secret (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell everyone) not many people actually like exercising. I know who’d have thought it! But it’s something we all should be doing. So if you’re struggling to drag yourself out of bed to go and train, why not do it in a fun group environment? I’ll bet that they’re all feeling the same as you, so you’ll keep one another motivated and laughing.

5- Don’t get caught in the trap of telling yourself you’ll start next week, or the week after. Can you believe it’s already August? Time flies! I bet there are plenty of things you told yourself months ago that you’d ‘do next week’. So just get started now! The longer you make excuses and put it off, the more your letting these sluggish feelings drag you down. I guarantee that as soon as you start your wintervention, you’re going to start feeling more energetic, fitting back into those clothes a little more comfortably and just generally feeling happier about yourself and your life in the second half of this year.

So there you have it, our top 5 tips for kicking yourself into action with a wintervention! And if I can slip in a sneaky 6th tip (just in case you’re still doubting yourself), you can always sign up for our Whoosh wintervention special offer! Unlimited morning and evening group personal training sessions for $45wk! At that price you don’t even need to make yourself feel guilty about occasionally missing a session for a sneaky sleep in.

It’s super easy to register your interest… Simply SMS the word ‘WINTER’ and your name to 0427 150 223 and your first session is completely FREE! We won’t even ask for your credit card details, it’s absolutely no obligation and no pressure to sign up, we just want you to give it a try!

Let’s make this coming summer your best ever, by ensuring you’re fitter, healthier and more confident than ever!

With love,

The Whoosh Team 🙂